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Metreno AS – an innovative communications and HR consultancy from Trondheim, Norway, who deliver services and software solutions designed to meet demands and challenges of modern HR and communications practices.

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HR surveys and internal communications measurements. The product was meant to enable consultants and companies to generate, sell and administer their testes in the corporate market.




A business process management tool for automated HRM-related tests / surveys generation, distribution and administration used by a number of enterprises, public institutions and agencies across Europe.

Client Profile

Metreno AS is a Norwegian consulting company who helps organizations achieve business results through effective communications. Operating from Scandinavia, their projects have global reach and are aligned with best international practices. Metreno deliver services and software solutions which facilitate their customers’ HRM functions and internal communications systems. They serve medium-sized and large enterprises as well as public institutions and agencies.

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Client Challenge

Our client decided to strengthen their value proposition by developing a software platform Metreno that was to support the management of automated HR surveys generation and internal communications measurements. The software solution was targeted at two groups of customers: (1) those who would buy access to the SaaS product and apply the tools and services in their own organizations (e.g., a 360-degree assessment module) and (2) the partner companies who would use the platform to create and market their own surveys to enterprise clients. The client decided to adopt a modular product architecture and a matching pricing model as well as module based iterative implementation in order to speed up revenue generation and thus to partially refinance the development of their SaaS product in successive iterations. The platform was to be designed and developed in very close collaboration with Metreno AS ’s target customers to ensure product market fit, minimize the costs and reduce the market risks involved; the scope of the project was not clearly defined upfront.

Approach and Process

Metreno AS and Selleo decided to use an agile / iterative approach to the software product development, whereby specific platform modules and functionalities have been developed in successive iterations. Metreno AS skillfully handled the front-end of the software development process, while Selleo developed and implemented the product at the back-end. Target customers/users were involved in the process at a very early stage of product design and the systematically gathered feedback they provided enabled the Metreno AS/Selleo team to efficiently deliver a solid software tool which addresses very tangible problems target customers/users are confronted with.

Solution Description

Metreno is a SaaS system for tests and surveys generation, sales and management. The system enables Metreno AS  or their partner customers to efficiently generate, distribute and administer HRM-related tests and surveys to their target customers. Test developers (consultants) at Metreno AS / partner companies have access to a dedicated module which enables them to sell their tests and surveys through a built in webshop. Users, i.e., companies buying the tests, can add candidates/individuals to specified tests, send tests to designated candidates via email, view and analyse the result as well as obtain a final PDF-report in a pre-defined format. On top of that, the application has been fitted up with back-end tools for managing users, companies and transactions.

Modules and Features

The software system is composed of the following functional modules: User/Companies Management, Subscriptions and Payment Tracking, Invoicing, PDF Report & Charts Generation, Surveys & Survey Recipients Management, Email Templates, Translations Management and numerous import/export functionalities.

Metreno is a Rails 3.1 / HTML5 / CSS3 application that uses a number of updated gems and external libraries, such as HighCharts, WKHTMLTOPDF, Apotomo and Angular.js.


Value Delivered

Metreno is an efficient and cost-effective automated online measurement tool which measures critical HR and communications processes impacting employee engagement and company performance with real-time access to the results module. Metreno AS have already managed to deliver their app-based service to corporate clients like Adecco, SpareBank1, Statoil, and a number of SMEs, career / job centres, recruitment agencies, schools, educational institutions and municipalities.