We provide a wide spectrum of services to support our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their software products. On the whole we:

– provide assistance with scoping and technical specification development, offering technical and business insights gained from our previous projects
– design and develop custom software applications and integrate them with legacy and third-party systems and services
– maintain, support and upgrade the applications to meet the changing requirements of the volatile business environment our clients operate in


Web and Mobile Consulting

We provide both business and technology consulting services. As regards the former, we may assist you with refining your business model or strategy for your software-based venture or offer ideas for optimizing a business process with a software tool. As for the latter, we usually help our clients develop an effective project/product implementation strategy as well as collaborate with the client to select the optimal technology stack for their system or application. We also conduct code reviews of existing systems and develop recommendations based upon them.


Tech Spec Development

We often convert our clients’ general product concepts and high-level requirements into low-level Technical Specifications. The latter consist of role models, interactive wireframes as well as user stories or use cases which are later converted into acceptance tests scenarios. With such detailed Tech Specs the client is free to approach a number of potential software development vendors for a much more precise workload, cost and timeline estimations on which to base their purchasing decisions.


Proof-of-Concept Prototyping

We create interactive application prototypes, which simulate the core behaviours and functionalities of the final product as well as capture the actual flows of the system. Such projects vary in complexity and range from simple interactive wireframes, through the use of HTML based layouts to fully fledged applications built within 2-4 weeks. Custom software prototypes enable our clients to gather valuable user feedback or help win over the key stakeholders, e.g. investors, to join their projects.


Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are there to provide you with fresh and creative ideas and to craft elegant user interfaces to enhance your software product or web service. We make sure the applications we develop not only work well but also look and feel unique. If the client wishes so, we implement visual design developed by third parties.


Development & Maintenance

Based on the Technical Specification, we analyse and design the system, implement and test it and maintain and upgrade it after it has been launched. Most of the systems we develop need to be integrated with legacy and / or third-party systems and services. We are into APIs and mash-ups. When a fully-customized system is not the best option, we may find and customize an Open Source Ruby on Rails solution.


User Experience Design

We adhere to the principles and methods of usage-centred design and capture the associated system requirements in the form of user stories, wireframes/mock-ups and navigation maps. However complex the system is, we strive to keep its interfaces simple, consistent and easy-to-use.


Ruby on Rails Programming

We are passionate and diligent Rubyists who leverage the power of Ruby on Rails and other related web technologies in programming software applications. Our teams have gained rich experience on multiple projects and have been programming with Ruby on Rails and applying Agile development techniques since 2005. We use Ruby on Rails programming to develop solid custom software rapidly. Agile / iterative practices allow our clients to flexibly implement the right software solutions.


Mobile Apps Development

We develop both cost-effective cross platform mobile solutions and fully responsive native applications . Using Xamarin, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 we provide applications and tools that are customized to meet your specifications. Our mobile web applications can run in the cloud and be deployed to touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our native programming competences cover iOS and Android. With cross platform technologies our devices stack is extended to BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7.


Rescue Missions

In our business practice we have served clients who commissioned us to recover their failing projects. We have taken such projects over or augmented the core team who needed external support. We have gained experience in the analysis of code base, adding tests, migrating / porting software applications into Ruby on Rails as well as auditing and tuning the performance of Ruby on Rails systems. If needed, Selleo is ready to perform a rescue missions on your project.


Application & Server Management

We can optimize and monitor the performance of the applications developed, maintain back-ups and recover the systems in an emergency – all in all, we can remotely manage our clients\’ applications. On top of that, we help the client select the server / hosting services which meet their product needs, and also configure and maintain the hardware infrastructure needed.


Outsourcing Models

We have so far worked under the following outsourcing models: – we have served entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-and-CTO-based startups, where we acted as a de facto exclusive development partner and IT department; on such occasions, we have either developed the applications from scratch or took them over from other service providers; – we have also delivered our services on projects served by multiple agencies, and – finally, we have augmented existing teams who were lacking in capacity or some specialized skills / technical expertise, e.g., Ruby on Rails. Accordingly, if you need an independent and exclusive team or want us to collaborate with other service providers or else need resources to augment your existing team, we will be comfortable to deliver the services you need.


Subcontracting for SDHs

We have delivered software design and development services to both independent clients as well as to other software development houses operating in the markets we serve. With our experienced front-end and back-end developers at hand, you can increase your existing capacity to take on projects you would not otherwise be able to undertake or you can reduce the development time on the projects served. You may as well be able to add staffing with the specialized skills not presently available in your own organization. Read more about subcontracting and team augmentation.


Subcontracting for Marketing Agencies

We provide digital marketing software-based solutions for interactive agencies and thus enable them to manage costs effectively and easily scale both their production capacity and technical expertise. Our experience with agency work allows us to create innovative web and mobile solutions for digital advertising / marketing purposes.


Security Audits & Development

We make sure the applications we develop are secure. If desirable, we conduct security audits and develop solutions around access control, user management, encryption and key management.

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