Startup Live Vienna 2012 – web and mobile, lean startup and customer development

In June we took part in Startup Live Vienna #7- an event revolving around web and mobile technologies, lean startup and customer development. The main idea behind the gathering is quite simple: to bring together people from various backgrounds, allow them to get to know each other and share their thoughts and insights towards developing a business idea / project. There are those who present their business ideas as well as those who are eager to join interdisciplinary teams with whom to elaborate on the pitched early business drafts.

Me, Bartek and Rafał, we joined in on Friday afternoon.  You could clearly see the effects of workshops that the pitchers had attended the day before. All the presentations delivered were very sound and each introduced an exciting story you might become a part of, at least for the two days to come.

Our attention was caught by “The Patient Tool” – a healthcare-oriented project. Firstly, we had worked on healthcare solutions before (e.g., HearingPages, MyBestTreat) and thus thought we might be able to contribute. Secondly, we would have an opportunity to collaborate with such mentors as the people behind successful healthcare startups: Fredrik Debong – the Product Guy & Co-founder of mySugr, and Lukas Zinnagl, the Head of Product & Co-Founder of Diagnosia Internetservices GmbH.

Compared to other similar events, like Seedhack London, for example,  the Startup Live event put much more emphasis on pitching, gathering feedback and polishing the business idea. You could get the feel of the approach, for instance, in the insightful mentoring session conducted by Lukas Fittl who “loves modelling businesses and understanding how we can quickly test assumptions and reduce risk without waiting on technology to be built or partnerships to be signed”.

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