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conducting surveys


developed in close collaboration with NGOs
optimal for projects monitoring and evaluation

USAID and Adeso launched the Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands program, which aims to reduce hunger and poverty, increase social stability, and lay a strong foundation for economic growth and environmental resilience for pastoral and transitional communities in Northern Kenya.

As part of this program ViewWorld worked with USAID and their partner organisation ADESO to conduct household surveys capturing responses with the ViewWorld mobile data collection application.

cytat_icoThe partnership we are starting today will help Kenya’s arid lands achieve sustainable economic growth for decades to come. The Resilience Program will improve the lives and livelihoods of the communities in this area and make Northern Kenya a better place to raise families.

Ms.Karen Freeman, USAID Kenya Mission Director



mapping data in the field


design your survey and build forms online
monitor projects via mobile data collection

WWF Uganda Country Office supports the government of Uganda to increase access to clean energy alternatives through a district led approach dubbed the “Champion District Initiative”. With the ViewWorld mobile app a WWF Uganda Climate Team managed to collect large volumes of data quickly.

The application is used to establish a baseline on Clean Stoves in Kasese District. The GPS app functionality helps to validate the actual locations respondents come from, which allows data collectors to identify the exact place of work for further follow-up interviews.

cytat_icoI recommend ViewWorld application to other users it is really easy to use when it comes to data collection. The map function is really cool as it shows which areas technologies we are working on are located.

Job Mutyaba, WWF Uganda


Danish Red Cross

project monitoring and evaluation

collect varied data formats (texts, videos, images, etc.)
aggregate ‘reports’ on web maps with GPS-coordinates


Danish Red Cross – as part of one of his projects in Cambodia – constructed a number of wells around the country. Looking for the best application for mobile data collection, the Red Cross decided to use the ViewWorld solution to create and maintain the documentation of the wells, their locations (GPS) as well as detailed specifications of pumps used.

Field officers were sent out to conduct a survey on all the wells using a smartphone app and were also thus able to show the hard work they did directly to the donors.

cytat_icoWe already now have easy access to gps-coordinates, data and images from our well projects – real-time, real progress. Now, remains the next challenge of effectively using the information for improving results and impact

Kasper Bro Larsen, Advisor, The Danish Red Cross



collecting data in microfinance projects


edit data in an online dashboard
share forms with observers in the field

CARE’s community savings groups (known as Village Savings & Loan Associations or VSLAs) help women in villages across the world to manage their own loans and savings schemes. The initiative seeks to empower women and expand economically viable ventures in rural areas through the delivery of improved financial services.
With the use of the ViewWorld app the beneficiaries of the project can save time and improve project monitoring, reporting and transparency

cytat_icoViewWorld is liked as a quick, handy and paper saving method of VSLA data collection in microfinance projects

Rebecca Nyonyozi, Microfinance expert CARE


Water for Cambodia

designing surveys and questionnaires


Android and iOS apps for mobile data collection
run complex projects across the world with ease

Water for Cambodia provides clean/safe drinking water to rural communities. Looking for new data acquisition technologies, they decide to adopt the ViewWorld app as a tool for mobile data collection purposes in their specific context.

The ViewWorld app is used to design questionnaires meant for the monitoring and evaluation of old filters. This activity helps the organization to ensure quality of service and to measure the program impact on the rural communities of the Siem Reap province.

cytat_icoViewWorld app helped our team to safe time in filling out a lot of forms, easy to collect data within a very short period of time, which in turn allows us to reach out to more families, and has reduced time in compiling and putting together the data into the system (the automatic upload once connected to the internet).

Nthabeleng Emmel Director of Operations


The Danish Civil Protection League

reporting on volunteers activity

publish results based on real world data collection
CMS web reporting system for projects management


The Danish Civil Protection League has around 5.000 volunteers working to assist the authorities in disaster preparedness and during crisis situations in the country. To raise public awareness and attract the attention of the decision-makers involved, the organization decided to use the ViewWorld app to report on volunteers activities using smart phones.

This use of the mobile evaluation and monitoring application enables to document and report on where and when volunteers have been active. When reports are sent in by volunteers via smartphones, a communication officer reviews and publishes the reports which are made available through a dedicated website and social media.


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