Dariusz Wylon

Dariusz Wylon


With more than 10 years of commercial experience working as a trainer, business coach and manager, Darek enjoys using his creativity in everything from running workshops to facilitating teams and fostering change. Being a self-organization evangelist and agile enthusiast he speaks at conferences around a globe promoting Selleo’s organizational culture and  innovative approach to managing a company. Darek  is responsible for our recruitment process (he’s got HR Dream Team Award for this), learning and development initiatives and unleashing inner potential both in individuals and business entities. As a Management 3.0 licensed trainer, certified Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer he worked with managers from 18 different countries worldwide.

While not at work he enjoys playing basketball in the local league and spending time with his wife, daughter and son.


“Leadership is about creating a world to which people want to belong.”

- Robert Dilts in Visionary Leadership Skills