Michał Czyż

Technology Consultant

Michał Czyż

"Many benefits accrue from the longevity of a well-designed architecture. One of the biggest is stability. Architectural stability helps ensure a minimum of fundamental rework as the system's functionality is extended over multiple release cycles, thus reducing total implementation cost."

- Luke Hohmann in Beyond Software Architecture

All about Michael

Michael does a superb job managing large-scale outsourced software development projects and finding IT software solutions to solve complex business problems. He is the man behind designing and delivering technical documentation / specifications and takes operational responsibility for the projects delivered by his team. He collaborates closely with our clients to provide high-quality advice and manage clients’ engagements. With a very solid background in designing, developing and deploying Ruby on Rails applications, Michael and his team enable our clients to do business rather than struggle with technical problems. Most importantly, Michael lives high up in the Beskidy Mountains (593 m AMSL), which combined with his height, allows him to peek over the horizon to gain invaluable insights from the web technology forefront.

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