Radosław Jędryszczak

Radosław Jędryszczak


With his educational background in both computer science and social studies, Radek supports us with his Ruby on Rails / database programming skills as well as his invaluable insights on projects embedded in rich social contexts. He is our guide on social media. Radek is one of the key people behind Quality Assurance and version control management in Selleo – he is in his element working with Rspec, Webrat, Capybara, Cucumber, Git, Subversion and the like.

When he isn’t coding in Rails, he is into Airsoft or ensures performance for his football team as a goalkeeper.

“The manufacturing factory usually does things more than one time in a row. In contrast, the Design Factory primarily engages in one-time processes. In the Design Factory we will never do the same thing, the same way, twice in a row.”

- D.G. Reinertsen in Managing the Design Factory