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Esports platform for gamers to develop their skills

The Battleriff is an online eSports service which enables players from around the globe to challenge real opponents in popular games such as Smite: Battleground of Gods. As gaming and esports are one of the fastest growing online activities our client targets some of the 800 million active users.

Together with The Battleriff Crew we were working on public beta release of the platform, developing such features and functionalities as a new user interface, a Lobby Chat, an activity feed or data visualization tools.

The Battleriff platform enables gamers to connect their favourite games personal profiles directly to the service and use their gameplay and skill to challenge each other for prize money and rewards.

The back-end of the application was developed by our Ruby on Rails developers. We used ReactJS as a front-end library. This eSports service relays on the several integrations with games APIs.