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Education / Publishing

Neutopia is a social publishing and e-learning platform which enables the aggregation and sharing of resources focused on the different aspects of creativity, design, psychology and leadership. The users can create playlists of their favourite educational materials organized into specific categories such as articles, books, events, courses, videos or websites. The materials can be gathered from different sources, tagged, rated, reviewed and shared either publicly or privately. The user can create their own influencer profile, add comments and ratings to other profiles and upload contents associated with specific topics. The contents can be added manually or embedded from YouTube / Vimeo – video, Amazon – books, SlideShare – presentations and other websites. This educational platform can be used by both individuals and educational institutions who want to promote their resources or courses.

This publishing and e-learning platform was integrated with YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, SlideShare, MeetUp, EventBrite, and Facebook. Being Ruby on Rails development team we developed the back-end of the application in Rails 4 with the use of recommendation, ranking, and full-text search engines. Angular, React, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS 3 and jQuery were used to develop the responsive front-end.