social organizer





Travelling / Entertainment


The application – developed for a Client in France – was implemented to run on iPhone and Android. It is a social address book and a personal event manager which allows the user to compile a list of their favourite locations organized into specific categories, such as restaurants, medical services, leisure, etc. The favourite addresses can be tagged, rated, reviewed and shared either publicly or privately with selected friends and/or co-workers. The sharing can be performed either on TipMeOut / Twitter / Facebook or through e-mail and text messages. The user may add comments and tips, and upload photos associated with specific venues. Search augmented with social profile filtering may help identify locations of potential interest. The user may as well schedule events, invite people to participate or themselves join an event organized by their network or a TMO member; the functionality is fitted out with automatic agenda synchronization. Push notifications allow the user to stay updated even when the app is not running.

The front-end of the application was developed using Sencha Touch – an HTML5, cross-platform framework for developing mobile apps and PhoneGap – a Javascript framework for handling the hardware functionalities of Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. PushNotifications were based on UrbanAirship. The application was integrated with Google Places, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook. The back-end is based on Rails3 and PostgreSQL.