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Hearing Pages is an audiology platform that caters to the hearing health community. The main goal of this web service is to connect and engage patients, doctors, clinics, and other agents involved in hearing care and hearing aids.



This e-health platform takes a community approach and features tools to benefit patients, clinicians and clinics, aid manufacturers and sales reps. The patients can access articles and reviews of hearing aids, find clinics and use forums. The clinicians gain visibility and connect with prospects, while the manufacturers can showcase their products or share their latest studies and developments.


Florin Voinescu

Florin Voinescu
Technical Director at Ear Works Inc.

“It was great working with the team of Selleo, and they helped us a lot throughout the process so we couldn’t recommend them more.”


The back-end of the e-health platform was developed in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Postgresql, with paperclip, authlogic, acl9, formtastic, cucumber and rspec. We used jquery, jqueryui, tinymce and flash libraries like 3DCarouselMenuFx, PhotoDraggerFx to implement the front-end of this audiology multi-sided platform.