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Healthcare Platform


MyBestTreat is a web community healthcare platform focused on health where patients can find and recommend medical practitioners. The network was created to enable people concerned with health to connect, share their experiences and help each other find the treatment they need.



The healthcare platform is designed for treatment seekers who can share their experiences and help each other find rated healers, therapists and other medical practitioners. The seekers can create their own profiles and determine who to share them with. Practitioners in turn find a community of potential prospects where they can gain visibility and collect ratings and reviews for the services rendered.


Ann Randrup

Ann Randrup
CEO at MyBestTreat

“Selleo have created my service and throughout the process they have shown that they are a quite extraordinary developing house. Selleo simply took the time to understand my business model and understand what I wanted to achieve – rather than just talking to me about web functionalities and technical possibilities.”


This health-centred multi-sided platform was developed in Ruby on Rails with such gems as ActiveMerchant and QuickPay (a danish payment system).