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Horizontal multi-sided platform for purchases / sales management


FairDeals is a horizontal multi-sided platform which allows suppliers to drive more effective sales through well-targeted business leads. Buyers in turn gain access to attractively discounted goods and services they are trying to source.



The sales management platform provides sellers with a channel through which to market the goods and services they offer. Suppliers gain access to information about potential buyers interested in their specific offerings (sales leads). Sales offers/deals are created and posted in the web service and precise targeting allows to increase the likelihood of the seller actually closing the deal.


David Junge – center

David Junge
CEO of Junger & Co

“I had the pleasure to start cooperation with Selleo back in 2010 and since that time we have jointly gone through the development process of several B2B apps like FairLeads, FairDeals or FairFunds. I would highly recommend Selleo to any business entity who is looking for a professional, agile and experienced software development house to develop web or mobile applications.”


The back-end of the application was developed in Rails 3, while the front-end – in Rails 3 and jQuery. The platform has been integrated with Paypal, Postmark, Pisa (xhtml2pdf), Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.