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Metreno is a SaaS survey management software product for the generation, sales and management of HRM-related tests. The platform allows the client to efficiently generate, distribute and administer tests and surveys to their corporate customers.

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The survey management system enables consultancies to efficiently generate, distribute and administer HRM-related tests and surveys to their target customers. Consultants have access to a dedicated module which enables them to sell their tests and surveys through a built in webshop. Admins can add individuals to specified tests, send tests to designated candidates via email and analyse the result gathered.



Frode Jakhelln Laugen

Managing Director at Metreno AS

“Selleo has proved to be a team of skilled and professional programmers. It was only Selleo who understood what kind of business we were after. We were impressed by the professionalism the company has with regard to processes.They have done a remarkable job in delivering a great product to us.”


Metreno is a Rails 3.1 / HTML5 / CSS3, application that uses a number of updated gems and external libraries, such as HighCharts,  WKHTMLTOPDF, Apotomo and Angular.js.