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Why is Ruby on Rails a solid choice for many business projects


Speed / Flexibility

  • applications can be developed much faster than with other technologies
  • an MVP can be built within a short span of time
  • the flexibility of Ruby on Rails allows for easy modifications in response to customer’s requirements
  • in response to changing business needs, Rails web applications can easily be enhanced with new features as well as integrated with other systems and databases
  • with rapid development, RoR is one of the best platforms to develop cloud-ready applications
  • RoR allows to move smoothly from an initial idea to estimating, MVP and, finally, to the web application

Development / Maintenance

  • Ruby on Rails development goes well with agile approaches and the scrum methodology
  • multiple gems and libraries enable Ruby developers to focus on delivering code that is relevant for a given business issue
  • as an object-oriented language Ruby enables to write applications which are easy to maintain
  • easier maintenance means a longer lifespan for a given code base
  • with automatic repetitive tasks, Ruby on Rails developers can work on the business architecture of your product instead of repeating several tasks manually
  • a vibrant open source community ensures a fast development of the framework with new features and enhancements continually flowing in

Web projects / application types, where Ruby on Rails might be the tech stack to use:


Custom web applications – Ruby on Rails can be used to create a number of custom applications such as e-commerce solutions (Groupon, FairDeals, Stockeon, Your School Uniform), SaaS products (Basecamp, Global Emergency Overview, Metreno, ViClarity) or services with the contents like music, videos (Funny or Die) or streaming (Hulu).

Functionality-rich web services; if you want to create an application which aggregates a lot of different functionalities such as a multi-sided platform encompassing a community platform, a cms, forums, geolocation, blogs (HearingPages, Global Sourcing Platform, PacTrac) or a solution with a combination of: a news service, a media content platform, a crm and a community service (New Your Jets), Ruby on Rails provides you with ample flexibility to account for the richness.

Web projects / applications for which time to market is critical / the cost of delay is high; new ventures which depend on fast execution for success should consider using Ruby on Rails. Twitter and Groupon as well as SourceRooms TraceMyCall, Credit Card Selector come to mind as notable examples of ventures created in RoR.

enterprise use cases Ruby on Rails development projects

Ruby on Rails as a mature technology stack may very well be a good choice for a mature business. In our portfolio there are quite a few customers with established, profitable businesses who are, or were trying to take their product to the next level. Thorough consideration of possible technology stack options has often led them to choose Ruby on Rails for the purpose. The two survey based, report generation systems presented below are good examples of solutions designed and developed for enterprise contexts.

Metreno is a SaaS system for tests generation, sales and management, which allows our client to efficiently generate, distribute and administer HRM-related tests and surveys to their enterprise customers. The Metreno business model incorporates the idea of consultants and partner companies selling tests further into the corporate market, through a dedicated webshop module. Consultants can manage candidates/individuals and assign them to specified tests, as well as send tests to designated candidates via email. They can view and analyse the result using the web interface. Depending on the survey module context, survey workflow can differ in minor and major details. For instance: co-workers and managers can use evaluation or video surveys, instead of classic questionnaires. Finally, the system has built-in options to generate customized reports from gathered survey data, in a form of PDF-report.

Additionally, the application has been fitted up with back-end tools for managing users, companies and transactions, including the following modules:

User/Companies Management, Subscriptions and Payment Tracking, Invoicing, PDF Report & Charts Generation, Surveys & Survey Recipients Management, Email Templates, Translations Management and numerous import/export functionalities.

ViClarity is a strategic performance and compliance management SaaS application. ViClarity is offering its enterprise clients the possibility to track and monitor performance and compliance inside their organizations. ViClarity gathers and verifies performance / compliance data, enabling real time evaluation of performance, highlighting underperforming / noncompliant parts of the system. ViClarity not only enables the ongoing monitoring of key strategic, operational or compliance objectives, but effectively drives accountability at different management levels in the organization, educating users of the system on their responsibilities.

Just as in the Metreno case, managers using ViClarity can generate a PDF-report from user inputted data, which could later be used as an important artifact. For example, during strategic planning meetings in the organizations, where the collected data can be used for evaluating the company’s strategic direction.


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Selleo have worked with Ruby on Rails since the company foundation back in 2005. Ruby on Rails have always been the core web technology with which the Selleo team have implemented their projects.

Selleo Ruby on Rails developers have used their skills and expertise to professionally serve entrepreneurs, business enterprises, agencies and NGOs from 16 different countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Our teams have gained rich experience on multiple Ruby on Rails projects implemented since 2005. In doing so, we have embraced Agile and Lean practices and developed an efficient, result-driven nearshore / offshore software development process.

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