We develop SaaS cloud-based systems that our clients deliver to their end customers as a service on a subscription basis

Software as a Service (SaaS) has now become a fairly well-established software business model which in principle consists in delivering software applications to many users, regardless of their location, through web-based technology. Users pay a specified fee to access and use a software solution for a defined period of time. The service is standardized and does not require painful customization or a lengthy implementation process. The application functionality is often tied to and determined by an adopted payment model. The most popular payment models are: subscriptions, annual and perpetual licenses, rentals or payments after use. The SaaS concept is often associated with the delivery and execution of complex business processes and transactions as services, with the capacity for the applications to be constructed on the fly and services to be reused everywhere and by anybody.

Near-Shore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing refers to the practice of delivering service from neighboring or nearby locations to make site visits more convenient and affordable. In order to promote the client’s convenience and foster greater process efficiency, we often act as a near-shore service provider and visit our European clients to deliver client-intensive services on-site. Clients also visit our premises to collaborate on requirements, technical specifications and designs.

Off-Shore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing refers to the services delivered overseas by independent third parties. The clients we serve have found a responsive, easy-to-reach software development outsourcing partner providing production capacity and technological expertise for cross-border project implementation. Our location allows partial workshift overlap with the eastern U.S. and Canada.

Cloud Computing

We have worked with cloud application platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Heroku. The solutions can be used to ensure easily scalable server architectures, flexible hardware management, more failure-tolerant infrastructures and cost efficiencies when dealing with heavy usage peak times. If you consider a SaaS and/or Cloud solution, we can help meet the challenge.

Working with our Clients on SaaS outsorcing
we put together Web and mobile software solutions
with business and professional services

Some of the companies using SaaS products developed by Selleo

The Barry Group


One of the biggest retail groups in Ireland with a centralised distribution centre in north Cork and over 230 affiliated stores.


SaaS Software – ViClarity



One of the world’s leading multinational oil and gas company with operations in 35 countries and  23,000 employees worldwide.


SaaS Software – Metreno




One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world experiencing significant year-on-year sales growth in China.


SaaS Software – GSP



One of the biggest retail groups in Ireland. The company operates from a state of the art centralised distribution centre in north Cork and has over 230 affiliated stores.

SaaS application used: ViClarity

A SaaS business process management tool for business and public entities who need to systematically track their performance against regulatory, contractual and/or strategic measures. Selleo developed the software solution for ViClarity, who provide the software as a service to their institutional clients.

The Barry Group selected ViClarity as a platform of choice to manage their key performance indicators. The system tracks performance of a broad range of deliverables in areas as diverse as Logistics, Retail Sales, HR, Commercial Sales and Buying. It measures key indicators per department per week, delivers roll-up views of each department on a single dashboard, red-flags underperformance and delivers in-depth analysis. This enables the board to identify performance trends in real time and to take action to address underperformance quickly.



One of the world’s leading multinational oil and gas companies with operations in thirty-five countries and approximately 23,000 employees worldwide.

Saas application used: Metreno

A SaaS system for tests and surveys generation which measures critical HR and communications processes impacting employee engagement and company performance. Selleo developed the software solution for Frontal Solutions AS, who provide the software as a service to their institutional clients. It is now operated by the Metreno company.

Statoil decided to identify and track the turnover among 20.000 employees working at 2.200 stations in Europe. Using Metreno for automated HRM-related tests and surveys generation, distribution and administration, the company could address very tangible problems it was confronted with in the area. The results helped Statoil to gain insights into how to recruit more effectively for a better match and how they could develop a working environment that reduces turnover.



One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world experiencing significant year-on-year sales growth in China.

SaaS Application used: Global Sourcing Platform

A SaaS B2B sourcing management platform for conducting efficient global sourcing projects in emerging markets and boosting the productivity and the effectiveness of the sourcing process. Selleo developed the software solution for Dragon Sourcing, who use the platform to streamline their intermediary operations while serving their clients.

Danone decided to open its own yoghurt factory in Beijing and wanted to find dairy farms within a close distance from the factory and air freight suppliers able to deal with their logistic requirements. The SaaS platform reduced the duration and cost of a sourcing project by standardising and automating the processes involved (e.g. supplier audits, procurement operations, quality control, logistics and supplier performance management), while at the same time increasing accountability and metrics-driven performance improvements.


Presented SaaS Products Key Features / Functionalities

analytical processing,
business intelligence,
business performance,
business process management,

charting and graphing,
data collection and analysis,
digital dashboard,

exporting / importing data,
integration with other platforms,

task management,
payment integration,
survey management and generation

The technology behind our SaaS solutions

While developing SaaS and cloud-based applications, we offer a comprehensive approach enabling our clients to create both web and mobile solutions. We provide native Android and iOS apps as well as cross-platform Xamarin solutions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which use native UIs and thus ensure solid user experiences. While creating web-based SaaS platforms, we use Ruby on Rails to develop applications which can also be implemented to work in a SaaS model. There are complete solutions designed for this specific purpose. For example, RailsKits offers the following SaaS functionalities:

  • a well-tested and proven recurring billing system with credit card payments,
  • a framework for building membership-based applications,
    • account sign-ups / upgrades / downgrades,
    • tiered pricing levels with customizable limits (e.g, number of users, number of projects, etc.),
    • multi-tenant data security in a single database.

If the pricing or other terms of such a service are not acceptable, we can build such a solution from the ground up using the following components:

You can also review some of our featured SaaS applications:


a system for call analytics and marketing optimization




a platform for purchases / sales management




a tender based sourcing cloud software tool




a publishing software tool and e-learning platform



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