About us

Selleo provides collocated agile teams crafting web and mobile applications with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership.

Since 2005 we have designed and engineered well over 150 web and mobile software projects. In doing so our professional community have contributed expertise to boost the performance ofentrepreneurs, start-ups and business enterprises.

Most of our nearshore clients come from Germany, Scandinavia and the UK, and operate in such locations as Berlin, London, Munich, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

We serve business and tech leaders building software throughout a wide spectrum of business domains, industries, and technologies. We typically provide a range of quality software development services which benefited over 230 Product Owners and CTOs in start-ups and SMEs.

Whenever you want to handle a new project, deliver essential features or need a staff with specialized skills or industry expertise, our full-stack developers help you to increase overall productivity.

Through the years we have gathered a broad spectrum of industry expertise with specialization in the development of custom business process management tools, digital dashboards, e-learning services, marketing platforms, data analytics and processing solutions.


Client satisfaction

surveys reveal the average score for product and service quality in the last two years have been 85% and 90.2% respectively. We keep working to go beyond that.

I look for 5 key things in a software development partner: great programmers, consistent quality, excellent value, a responsive management team, and a fun experience. Selleo is a solid 5 out of 5 by my standards.

Myron WeberMyron WeberCEO at Northwood Advisors

More than 75%

of our business comes from recurrent projects and referrals made by clients and co-workers. We’d love to make traditional marketing and sales redundant.

I’ve asked them to complete projects that are new and they’ve always managed to do it. It’s important to have trust between partners, and they’re open enough for that to cultivate.

Peter LancasterPeter LancasterCEO at Documobi Ltd

An engagement

with a client usually lasts well over 2 years. An average co-worker stays with us for almost 4 years. Our clients and collaborators appreciate long-term relationships.

Selleo were always professional and surprisingly responsive. I would definitely recommend Selleo, and would not hesitate to work with them again.

Scott FrostCEO at American Funding Innovators, Inc.

Over the last 5 years

we have operated with a low voluntary turnover rate of 4.2%. We serve our clients with stable dedicated teams with long track records of effective joint collaboration.

Selleo treats this project as if it was their own business. They are emotionally invested in what they’re doing, which, to me, is unique.

Keith RobertsKeith RobertsCOO/CTO at SquadLocker

Each client is served

by a consistently collocated team. We all work from one office to ensure broadband communications, productivity and efficient service delivery.

I’ve been quite impressed with Selleo’s work — they built a beautiful product with outstanding code.

Dru JensenDru JensenSenior Lead Engineer at ASCEND HIT

You access a solid

talent pool. Since 2012 we have run a foundation to grow and select talent from the best regional technical schools. The community engagement project fuels our steady organic growth.

They provide a team of skilled and professional developers that are self going, engaged and well organised.

Antony SastreAntony SastreCTO at Battleriff

Attitude is King

...in all we do. Clients are served by dedicated people with a sense of ownership, initiative and a proactive approach to problem solving.

They take a lot of responsibility. We’re really happy to give them free rein to follow their instincts when solving things. I feel like I can trust them as I can my own team.

Henrik LindbergHenrik LindbergCTO at Studentvikarie Sverige AB

With a team of 50+

we are small enough to care intimately while at the same time delivering ample capacity and deep expertise needed.

What sets Selleo apart is the enthusiasm and care taken on the project beyond scope. The team have been fantastic to work with.

Jamie EngelJamie EngelFounder & CEO of Neutopia

9 out of 10

collaborators would recommend Selleo to a friend of theirs. Strong bonds, participation, company-wide profit & gain sharing scheme involving everyone with a say may all play a role in the preference.

They’re well-managed as a team and very inclusive. I was impressed by their professionalism.

Rob AndersonFounder & CTO of B4B Payments