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Software Quality Assurance:
Improve Software Development Process with QA Standards

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Benefits of our Quality Assurance services:

Including a QA engineer in your software development team will raise your product or service to a world-class level and give you the edge over your competitors.

Quality Assurance services:

Detect and fix issues early in your software development project. Selleo delivers a wide range of software Quality Assurance services while keeping customer satisfaction at its core. Our flexible offer allows you to adapt to the requirements of the most complex projects.

How to boost your development team?

Check our video and see how Selleo QA Engineers can improve your software performance.

How does Quality Assessment support your software process?

Being a part of your team, QA engineers should be involved in the product development process - right from the very beginning. They will identify risks, collect and adjust requirements by analyzing customers’ briefs. In a perfect world example, a QA Engineer contributes a crucial part in the entire Software Development Life Cycle. An SDLC testing cycle is a frequency within which QA Engineers conduct five test stages – that is, each sprint.

Here's what our customers say about us

Selleo depends on testing heavily and boosts code quality to the highest standards. The team's strong work incentive, high standards, and quality code tests make them invaluable.

Piet Neirinck
Piet NeirinckCEO & Founder, 9Teams, BE

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