Visual commerce app with scalable, real-time GraphQL API

BrandActif is a visual commerce company offering a unique way to solve the problem of multi-channel promotions. Based in the UK, it targets some of the world’s biggest brands to help them create affinity and user engagement. Its PWA with scan technology and advanced image recognition enables personalised communications and usage of existing visual assets.

BrandActif - screen

Build brand engagement with advanced image recognition

With a native mobile app developed during the MVP phase, our client was looking for some ways to change the entire direction of the business by eliminating mobile solution and doing everything as a progressive web application. The new application should work on all browsers / operating systems and be quick even on slow mobile network connections to unlock real-time data based on time, location and context. It should also enable scanning any type of printed collateral: brochures, billboards, packaging, photo merchandise, gift cards, and even videos.

From a business perspective, the solution should:

  • build brand engagement
  • offer personalized communication
  • ensure lightweight integration
Process and Project Scope

Experienced developers with entrepreneurial sense of ownership

Brandactif wanted to make a transition from in-house developers to a scalable outsourced environment to build and grow the platform. After asking a few companies on the shortlist, to do some sample coding, they decided to work with us. With Ruby on Rails expertise and the capacity to perform UX and graphic design together with DevOps, our developers became a right fit from every angle.

Business Value

Visual Commerce with GraphQL API

The solution allows consumers to unlock real-time data with their mobile phones, and get personalized content related to a given brand. Personalised links are the key to target customers individually and increase their lifetime value and loyalty. Progressive web application powered with GraphQL API enables compatibility with all browsers and operating systems together with smooth communication even on slow mobile network connections.

Focusing on business goals this visual commerce PWA can:

  • generate incremental online revenue
  • create customers affinity and engagement
  • move the customer conversation back to brand media channels

With Ruby on Rails expertise and the capacity to perform UX and graphic design together with DevOps, Selleo is a right fit from every angle. Their communicative approach to project expectations fosters mutual trust.

Peter LancasterCEO at BrandActif
Technology stack

GraphQL API for PWA solution

With GraphQL type system we created a self-documenting, strongly-typed API with great performance. The PWA is written with Ruby on Rails and Node.js for the back-end and React as a front-end part of the system.