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## Delivering **great digital products** and **building culture** people want to belong
our dna

Delivering great digital products and building culture people want to belong

Selleo mindset focuses on a self-driven growth towards ingenious mastery and knowledge-sharing culture combined with a participative approach to decision making and empowerment based on Management 3.0.

They take full ownership of their work and always use the best tools available while maintaining high security and scalability. The entire project is based on mutual trust and openness.

Kristoffer Persson
Kristoffer Persson
Founder, Humly SE
Selleo Way

Why we exist

We provide a challenging and beneficial place for the community of engaged coworkers committed to personal and professional growth.

We hold ourselves accountable for results and people can trust us to rely on our word.
We constantly look for ways to improve our knowledge and work’s performance.
We value constructive feedback and encourage a healthy debate.
We help each other and strive together to achieve our goals.

Selleo timeline


the journey

with the birth of Ruby on Rails we have started our journey in software development



we established a long term collaboration with a few Norway-based companies



more projects mean more developers on board and a bigger office



we share our RoR knowledge with other devs and set up a Silesia Ruby Users Group

How we involve in IT community

We have engaged in events and initiatives to share knowledge and foster the well-being of the IT community in Poland. In doing so, we host and support.

Coder DojoEvents that offer free software development training for young people.
Meet.jsMeetups as a  part of the biggest front-end community in Poland.
BBdays4.ITThe longest IT festival in Poland with meetups, conferences, hackathons and more.
RailsGirls BBA community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas.

How we build an internal community

We invite each and every co-worker to organize and/or participate in the events which foster community integration and a sense of belonging. Selleo people host and organize several events.

Join our team!

Haxorz UnconferenceSince 2012 we spent one day each month on growing our tech and business skills during internal workshops and unconferences.
Team RetreatsFrom go kart races and sailing to mountain trips and movie nights, we explore hundreds of ways to create bonds and build relationships.
BoardGame DaysBringing friends and family together we compete, collaborate and have fun with tons of board games on our special gaming Saturdays.
Sporting EventsCombining smart brains with being fit we play table tennis, host Selleo Sport Day and have a football team in a local Business League.
DevPathAn amazing DevPath that encourages professional growth and ensures the highest quality of our services, even by the junior developers.
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Our location

Let’s meet in person

We are located within 2-3 hours flight range from major Europe airports. For an efficient kick-start we can visit you or you can join the team at our office.

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  • Top 1000 Companies Global 2021
  • Top Development Company Poland 2021
HR dream team
  • 2020 HR Dream Team Award
  • 2016 Employer Branding Featured
  • 2015 HR Dream Team Award
ISO CertificateISO CertificateAWS Certificate
  • Information Security Management System compliant with PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001
  • Business Continuity Management compliant with ISO 22301
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate