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The digital world is full of challenges and threats. We strive to create software solutions that take this into account while simultaneously meeting the unique needs of our clients.

custom software development & mobile app development

We transform your technology vision into scalable and secure software solutions

With a commitment, a deep understanding of the software development market, and valuable lessons learned, we are dedicated to elevating companies to the next level. Our driving force is an energetic, collaborative community that thrives on intellectual curiosity, embraces teamwork, and relentlessly pursues new opportunities. At the heart of our operation lies a simple but profound understanding - every company is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. This is why we offer tailored solutions that not only drive growth but also foster innovation, helping you to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Utilizing the latest technologies and frameworks, we will develop secure and high-performing software solutions to optimize your business operations. We also create intuitive and robust mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, designed to effectively engage your target audience.
We **transform your technology vision** into scalable and secure software solutions

We are a team of engineers committed to delivering innovative solutions and quality software for complex challenges

We offer services across a broad range of industries such as EdTech, Healthcare, Fintech, and HRM. Our focus is on delivering secure, compliant solutions that are custom-tailored to meet our clients' distinct requirements. Central to our approach is the adoption of Agile methodologies, which allow us to be highly adaptive and responsive in our development process. This Agile approach enables us to understand our client's specific goals and challenges better which results in tailor-made, secure, and compliant solutions.

Real teams - better quality

Real teams at your service. Teams that share the same physical workspace often communicate more effectively and efficiently. Quick face-to-face conversations can resolve issues that might take hours or days through digital channels. When everyone is available in the same location, decisions can be made more quickly. All this affects quality.

Transparent and Smooth Communication

Effective and smooth communication is crucial in any project, but especially in software development where requirements and conditions can change rapidly. In Project Management we ensure a clear roadmap, regular updates, and project tracking.

Security and Compliance

We ensure data security, strong encryption, and other security measures to protect sensitive data. We comply with regulatory compliance and adherence to industry-specific regulations, such as GDPR for privacy or HIPAA for healthcare

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Learn how entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders who are after software driven innovation are collaborating with our high-performing teams.

David Pallinder
David Pallinder
CTO Universal Avenue, UK

We've had nothing but good experiences with the team at Selleo, they are dedicated and have meshed really well with the rest of the teams.

Leverage our **domain expertise** and **technical knowledge** to build a one-of-a-kind custom solution
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Leverage our domain expertise and technical knowledge to build a one-of-a-kind custom solution

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Let's gather your requirements, analyse and identify your business idea to explore how we can help you. We always ensure your data and IP are safe so feel free to request a mutual NDA before we discuss your project.


Call with Technical Team Lead and Business Analyst

Receive an estimation of the workload and cost of your project. It’s all about exchanging ideas and reaching conclusions - we will discuss our offer with you to make it fit your expected roadmap.


Schedule Interview with the whole Team

If everything goes well, we make sure you get a team best-suited for your project requirements. Then we'll sign the contract and move on to the kick-off phase.


kick off

Define goals, assign roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels and set project timelines to lay a foundation for a successful project.


Our experience, your success

We take pride in our commitment to quality and excellence and our high Clutch rating is a reflection of that. We always strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results to every client we serve.

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Product Owners and CTOs in start-ups and SMEs craft their SaaS products or build their own cloud-based solutions with our teams.

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What factors influence the cost of mobile and web apps development?

Several factors contribute to the cost of app development, including the complexity of the app, the number of platforms it will be available on, and the design requirements. Additionally, the cost of skilled developers and other resources can significantly affect the project’s budget. Some companies choose to outsource development to reduce costs, but this can bring its own set of challenges. In summary, mobile and web apps have different development processes, security concerns, compliance issues, and cost factors. Understanding these key aspects will help you make informed decisions throughout the development lifecycle.

Why are cloud-native applications important for businesses?

Cloud-native applications provide businesses with the agility to respond to market changes swiftly. They offer seamless scaling options, which means that as your business grows, your software can adapt without extensive reconfiguration. Additionally, cloud-native applications provide high availability and fault tolerance, ensuring uninterrupted service.

How does artificial intelligence improve software testing?

AI has a significant impact on the field of software testing. It automates the testing process, detects bugs with higher accuracy, and adapts to changes in the software ecosystem. AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to identify anomalies and potential areas of improvement, thereby reducing the number of errors that make it to production. That's why our QAs use artificial intelligence when testing software.

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