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Our experienced React Native developers transform beautiful slick designs into performant mobile products that work both on iOS and Android.

Reach a broader audience with cross-platform mobile development. Combining knowledge from native experiences with cutting-edge solutions our top-level developers transform innovative business concepts into slick user interfaces.

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Technology Services

  • Team Augmentation

    Don't let staffing challenges slow you down. With our team augmentation services, you get access to a ready-made team of experts who can seamlessly integrate with your existing team.

  • MVP Development

    Let’s us help you develop and launch a working app prototype with all essential features. Ensure that the product you’re building meets the needs of your target clients.

  • Rescue Mission

    Get your project back on track with the support of our development team. With our assistance, you can recover your project and achieve your objectives without any further delays or setbacks.

  • Cross-platform development

    Create software that works seamlessly on different operating systems and devices. Reach a wider audience and increase engagement with the help of an expert development team.

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How we start collaboration


Tell us about your project

Let's gather your requirements, analyse and identify your business idea to explore how we can help you. We always ensure your data and IP are safe so feel free to request a mutual NDA before we discuss your project.


Call with Technical Team Lead and Business Analyst

Receive an estimation of the workload and cost of your project. It’s all about exchanging ideas and reaching conclusions - we will discuss our offer with you to make it fit your expected roadmap.


Schedule Interview with the whole Team

If everything goes well, we make sure you get a team best-suited for your project requirements. Then we'll sign the contract and move on to the kick-off phase.


Streamlined kick off

Define goals, assign roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels and set project timelines to lay a foundation for a successful project.

OUR EXPERTISEWe made these applications using React Native

A Swedish EdTech company making teaching more accessible with a portal connecting schools with experienced teachers.

Humly was created to aid the process of finding teachers and short-term substitutes. The solution connects schools and universities with teachers looking for employment giving the former qualified educators and the latter the opportunity to gain teaching experience.

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Meet the people

Meet our React Native App developers

80% of our people work from our offices which enables strong bonds among teammates and supports cross-company passion groups. It allows us to have low turnover rate and reach high-performance mode a few weeks after a project kick-off.
React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It allows developers to create native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase, reducing development time and effort. React Native utilizes a combination of JavaScript and native components, enabling developers to build high-performance mobile applications that closely resemble native apps in terms of look and feel. It provides access to various native features and APIs, allowing developers to incorporate device capabilities seamlessly. With its robust community support and extensive ecosystem, React Native has become a popular choice for cross-platform mobile app development.
If you're looking to hire React Native developers, you can search online catalogues like Clutch or Goodfirms, attend events and conferences, or search the internet. It's essential to review the company's portfolio, read its blog, and check testimonials from previous clients to ensure their experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction before selecting a React Native app development partner.

React Native is widely used by enterprises across various industries, including:

  1. Facebook - Facebook Ads Manager and other apps are built with React Native.
  2. Instagram - Instagram's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a high-performance and responsive user experience.
  3. Tesla - The Tesla app is built with React Native, allowing for rapid development and a consistent user interface across platforms.
  4. Walmart - The Walmart app uses React Native for both iOS and Android platforms, providing a smooth and seamless shopping experience.
  5. Bloomberg - Bloomberg's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a reliable and fast user experience for financial news and data.
  6. Skype - The Skype app uses React Native for its mobile app, providing a modern and user-friendly interface for communication.
  7. UberEats - UberEats uses React Native for its mobile app, providing a high-performance and intuitive user experience for food delivery.
  8. Airbnb - Airbnb's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a seamless and responsive experience for booking and managing accommodations.
  9. Discord - Discord's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a smooth and reliable experience for communication and gaming.
    1. SoundCloud - SoundCloud's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a fast and intuitive user experience for music streaming.
    2. Wix - Wix's mobile app is built with React Native, providing an easy-to-use platform for building and managing websites.
    3. Gyroscope - Gyroscope's mobile app is built with React Native, providing a personalized health tracking experience for users.

Using React Native has several advantages. Companies appreciate React Native for:

  1. Cross-platform development, allowing for a single codebase for both iOS and Android.
  2. Faster development times with the use of pre-built components and libraries.
  3. High-performance user interface and faster rendering with the use of Native components.
  4. Cost savings due to reduced development time and the ability to reuse code.
  5. Active community support and ongoing development, ensuring the framework remains up-to-date and relevant.
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