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Real Estate Software Development

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Informatization Benefits

Real estate is one of the most important industries in the national economy. Informatization is the arising trend in the real estate sector. Thanks to digital solutions, real estate has changed forever. New technologies allow creation of tools used for visualisation purposes as well as websites to search and compare properties. Informatization of the real estate industry brought a lot of benefits and changes in the way we perceive and take part in the real estate ventures. This ever growing economy sector has a lot of potential and using the most advanced new technologies influences the market competitiveness.

Digital Dashboards

Digital dashboards can vary from those used for signing real estate contracts to the portals used for searching and booking properties. There is also room for solutions equipped with visualisation tools like virtual tours and content management. Products can also be used to create video presentations which help in the advertisement operations. A digital dashboard can be used to schedule viewings, place reservations and advertise new properties. It is also worth considering a report function, which gives a better view of the transactions. The possibilities are endless.

Sensor monitoring

Sensor monitoring with Internet of Things can be implemented into many real estate solutions. Data from sensors placed in houses can provide insight on the weather, room temperature or humidity. Devices like smartphones and tablets integrated with those sensors allow to monitor and control those conditions. Constant monitoring of the parameters and gathering them in the form of reports helps to create an optimal working and living environment. IoT sensor monitoring can also be used to track and analyze regular activities within a given house in order to notify the user if any irregular activities occur. Automated systems installed in houses are the determinants of a contemporary household.

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