Defining property management of the future


Build web & mobile apps to help property managers and owners coordinate cleaning and maintenance tasks.


PMS with intelligent task automation and remote scheduling coordination that facilitated more than 1.5M cleans, inspections and repairs.

Breezeway - screen

Manage housekeeping for rental properties

Breezeway is a Boston based company specialized in delivering property operations platform which helps property managers and owners coordinate cleaning and maintenance tasks, improving quality and ensuring the job gets done right. Breezeway aims to create tools that will define the future of property and homeowners and the way they care for their properties.

The company was looking for an external software partner to create a mobile development team (both iOS and Android). We decided to use React Native solution to cover the client’s needs. After a period of time, we also started developing solutions on the web version of the application. The client is responsible for providing functional API, we work on F/E site only. Most recently we also started the development of an additional Mobile App responsible only for handling the Messaging Part of the system.

The software solution was aimed to resolve challenges related to:

  • perform assessments to measure compliance within the organisation and externally
  • improve performance of working solutions (UX/UI)
  • move features from the React version into the mobile one
  • support offline mode and data synchronization in mobile application
  • push notifications for the app that will inform the client about tasks
  • handle error states of the application
  • provide high-quality cross-platform styles
  • best approaches of using the newest solutions (React hooks, CSS3, ES)
Process and Project Scope

Improved operational efficiency through team augmentation

The project is managed by Product Owner on the client-side. We provide developers that can handle both React and React Native tasks. Communication is provided through Slack with Zoom support for video calls.

Business Value

Property operations platform take the headaches out of property management

Breezeway platform provides task automation, quality assurance and assets management. It is used by companies like Hostfully, Beds24, Guesty. By leveraging the functions of the solution property owners gain customer trusts, therefore get better reviews and more consistent bookings. It shortens the time spent on the coordination of maintenance jobs and cleaning. Clients notice a drastic reduction of internal confusion as well as the elimination of emergency repairs and botched jobs.

As a result of using property owners notice the reduction of guest complaints resulting in bigger revenue. More than 30 hours normally spent on task assignments per week are saved. The platform also provides acquisition tools helping to scale businesses. The owners and managers can:

  • increase revenue and guest’s satisfaction
  • reduce internal confusion and callbacks
  • increase billable maintenance
Technology stack

React and ReactNative

The web application is written with React and JavaScript technologies. It also uses Redux to provide business logic and this common part is also used by the React Native mobile application. The applications and the development process are split into 6 core repositories that allow using common code.