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Gathering data from multiple external sources for hotel management

Bode is a part of TMC Group, a private holding company that owns organizations that invest in, develop, and operate innovative real estate projects and related companies around the world. They looked for an internal partner in the EU to help them accomplish their software goals. They wanted to develop a single property management system to automate most of the processes related to maximizing the guest experience. The system should streamline operational improvements, guarantee service excellence, and improve guest satisfaction. This proptech solution should also enable integration with CRM, housekeeping systems, remote locks, marketing software, offer a custom booking UI, and synchronise data with existing PMS.

Some of the project challenges were:

  • Integrating a wide range of external services in a fault-tolerant way
  • Leveraging reverse-engineering to develop critical functionalities of the system
  • Implementing complex inventory management logic
  • Designing an extendable system architecture facilitating continuous and stable growth of the overall solution

Service Process

We helped in shaping project management processes, methodologies and choosing the right tools to maximize the effectiveness of collaboration between Selleo, the customer's Product Owner and their in-house resources.
We have decided to use SCRUM as a foundation of our collaboration but altered a few details so the process would better fit our needs. We have incorporated 3 weeks-long agile sprints and used Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Slack, and Skype for management and communication purposes.
We have built a set of solutions that were deployed within one single proptech infrastructure. We were responsible for the custom booking platform to optimize sales and offer premium services, a central integration solution (ensuring command & control over a range of systems we did need to integrate and coordinate data flow between) and also multiple microservices responsible for standardizing interaction with 3rd parties.
client value & trust
Brandon Sassounian
VP of Technology

The Selleo team has been amazing to work with over the last few years. From a crazy vision to a fully developed product they have supported us since day one. Selleo’s ability to scale with our business needs and the flexibility of their team members is unparalleled.

business value

The brand new technology-driven booking experience

The property management system for Bode allows the company to ensure the best guest experience on the market. The whole infrastructure consists of a handful of interconnected parts. The custom booking platform to optimize sales and offer premium services was built on top of custom-modified CMS solution and allowed company to improve on fraud-detection and by automatically inquiring for and verifying guests CC information in a streamlined way.

A central integration solution is ensuring command & control over a range of systems we did need to integrate and coordinate data flow between, like PMS, CRM, housekeeping systems, remote locks, marketing software etc. Also multiple microservices responsible for standardizing interaction with 3rd parties were built where needed.

The whole system is tightly integrated with Cloudbeds PMS to manage property and staff and ensures a beautiful dashboard with a birds-eye view of properties, so managers can maximize occupancy and revenue with the real-time data shown on our dashboard and calendar.

Main system benefits are:

  • reduced number of people needed to manage a given location
  • easier management of complex data fetched from multiple sources
  • improved guests experience by the means of check in, check out, communication and housekeeping processes automation
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AC Project
AC Project

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