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Ruby On Rails Development Company

We have a proven track record of delivering successful solutions, dealing with both legacy code and complex multi-tenant architecture.

As one of the first Ruby on Rails companies on the market. Throughout the years, we have launched hundreds of digital products for Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups, in tackling even the most challenging software projects.

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Technology Services

  • Team Augmentation

    Scale your team quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Fill in skill gaps, boost productivity, and accelerate project delivery without the added overhead costs of hiring full-time employees.

  • MVP Development

    Bring a new product to the market faster and with less risk. Get to market ahead of your competitors and start generating revenue sooner. Learn from real user feedback and improve your product over time.

  • Rescue Mission

    We can help you recover a project that has gone off track, whether due to technical difficulties, communication breakdowns, or other challenges. Get the support you need to achieve your business objectives.

  • Tech Debt Removal

    Remove technical debt and modernize your software with a team of expert developers. We the skills and expertise needed to successfully remove technical debt from your codebase so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

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How we start collaboration


NDA sign

We sign an NDA to ensure that both parties understand and agree to the terms of confidentiality, providing a secure environment for sharing information.


Call with Technical Team Lead and Business Analyst

This call is an opportunity to discuss project requirements and share valuable insights into the technical and business aspects of the project.


Schedule Interview with the whole Team

An interview with the whole team allows for a comprehensive assessment of our fit for the project. It involves the technical team and a team leader giving you a feel of our collaboration.


Streamlined kick off

After signing an agreement we will define goals, assign roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels, and set project timelines to set a foundation for a successful project.

OUR EXPERTISEWe made these applications using Ruby On Rails

An innovative communication and HR consultancy from Norway reaching Fortune 500 companies.

Metreno is a cloud-based platform that supports the management of automated survey generation and advanced reporting. It complies with all the strict requirements for security and usability, helping enterprises, consultancies and test providers to streamline their work.

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Meet the people

Meet our Ruby on Rails developers

80% of our people work from our offices which enables strong bonds among teammates and supports cross-company passion groups. It allows us to have low turnover rate and reach high-performance mode a few weeks after a project kick-off.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is one of the most popular open-source web development framework. It was built with the Ruby programming language by David Heinemeier Hansson.

Ruby on Rails is considered to be a server-side web app development platform.

There are many methods for locating and evaluating a Ruby on Rails Development Company.

You can browse them on catalogues like Clutch or Goodfirms, meet them at events and conferences, or simply search the Internet. No matter which option you choose it is crucial to review the company’s portfolio, read their blog and testimonials from previous clients.

There are many enterprises using RoR in various fields, among them are:

  1. Airbnb - a website connecting travelers and hosts looking for ways to rent their houses.
  2. Bloomberg - a financial software tools including analytics, news from the world, stock share indexes etc.
  3. Dribble - a design directory dedicated to designers to share their work, exchange opinions and look for career opportunities.
  4. GitHub - one of the most popular hosting service for software development projects,
  5. Soundcloud - a platform for streaming and sharing music from upcoming and major artists from all over the world.
  6. Couchsurfing - a hospitality service for homestays.
  7. Groupon - a worldwide marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants.
  8. Kickstarter - a crowdfunding service for raising money to fund creative projects.
  9. Shopify - an eCommerce software platform for online stores and retail systems.
    1. MyFitnessPal - a web and mobile platform for food intake tracking, aiding in reaching fitness goals.
    2. GoodReads - world’s largest website for book recommendations and reviews.
    3. Zendesk - a service software company for improving customer relationships.

Using Ruby on Rails has quite some advantages. Companies value RoR because it is:

  1. Safe and secure - thanks to built-in security measures.
  2. Cost-effective - RoR is free to use with tons of plugins available.
  3. Influences productivity - it allows fast development thanks to 3rd party libraries.
  4. Easy to maintain - RoR is all about effectiveness and reliability.
  5. Scalable - your app will be able to handle a lot of users at once.
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