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Ruby on Rails gained significant popularity for its focus on developer productivity, maintainability, and the ability to rapidly prototype and iterate web applications. Rails aims to minimize the amount of code a developer needs to write. It allows developers to focus on implementing the unique aspects of their application rather than spending time on repetitive tasks. RoR is used for example by GitHub, Shopify, Hulu, Twitch, Groupon, SoundCloud, and Kickstarter.

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Technology Services

  • Team Augmentation

    Scale your team quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Fill in skill gaps, boost productivity, and accelerate project delivery without the added overhead costs of hiring full-time employees.

  • MVP Development

    Bring a new product to the market faster and with less risk. Get to market ahead of your competitors and start generating revenue sooner. Learn from real user feedback and improve your product over time.

  • Rescue Mission

    We can help you recover a project that has gone off track, whether due to technical difficulties, communication breakdowns, or other challenges. Get the support you need to achieve your business objectives.

  • Tech Debt Removal

    Remove technical debt and modernize your software with a team of expert developers. We the skills and expertise needed to successfully remove technical debt from your codebase so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

How we start collaboration


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We sign an NDA to ensure that both parties understand and agree to the terms of confidentiality, providing a secure environment for sharing information.


Call with Technical Team Lead and Business Analyst

This call is an opportunity to discuss project requirements and share valuable insights into the technical and business aspects of the project.


Schedule Interview with the whole Team

An interview with the whole team allows for a comprehensive assessment of our fit for the project. It involves the technical team and a team leader giving you a feel of our collaboration.


kick off

After signing an agreement we will define goals, assign roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels, and set project timelines to set a foundation for a successful project.

OUR EXPERTISEWe made these applications using Ruby On Rails

An eCommerce B2B platform that integrates an asset management system with a store

Selleo augmented the client’s in-house team with a team of front-end developers. The developers were responsible not only for the code but also for preparing detailed documentation of each cycle.

Our development team helped to create an administrative platform for product configuration with features like product editor, manager, and pricing configurator.

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80% of our people work from our offices which enables strong bonds among teammates and supports cross-company passion groups. It allows us to have low turnover rate and reach high-performance mode a few weeks after a project kick-off.
Ruby on Rails, commonly referred to as Rails, is a popular open-source web application rails framework written in the Ruby programming language. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which promotes the separation of concerns and provides a structured approach to developing web applications. Rails emphasize convention over configuration, aiming to minimize the amount of code a developer needs to write by providing sensible defaults and predefined conventions. This philosophy allows developers to focus on implementing the unique aspects of their application rather than spending time on repetitive tasks. The framework provides a robust set of tools and libraries that simplify common web development tasks, such as handling database interactions, managing routing and URLs, and managing user authentication and authorization. Rails also incorporates features like automated testing, scaffolding, and code generation to enhance developer productivity. Overall, Ruby on Rails is a powerful web application framework that combines the flexibility of the Ruby language with a set of conventions and tools to streamline the development process. It has gained significant popularity for its focus on developer productivity, maintainability, and the ability to rapidly prototype and iterate web applications.

Ruby on Rails, commonly referred to as Rails, is a popular web application framework known for its simplicity, productivity, and flexibility. By entrusting Rails development to a specialized team outside of your organization, you can unlock numerous advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing Ruby on Rails development services can significantly reduce costs compared to maintaining an in-house team. By leveraging the expertise of an external service provider, you can access skilled developers at a fraction of the cost associated with hiring and training a full-time team.
Focus on core competencies: By outsourcing Rails development, you can free up your internal resources and focus on your core business activities. Delegating the technical aspects to a specialized team allows your organization to concentrate on strategic initiatives, improving overall productivity and efficiency.
Accelerated development cycles: Outsourcing Rails development services can accelerate the development process due to the availability of a dedicated team solely focused on your project. Their expertise and streamlined workflows can help expedite the delivery of your application, ensuring faster time-to-market.
Flexibility and scalability: An outsourced team can quickly adapt to your project's changing requirements. Whether you need to scale up or down, an external service provider can readily accommodate your needs, providing you with the necessary resources without the hassle of hiring and onboarding new employees.
Rapid development: Rails comes with many built-in conventions and features, allowing developers to quickly build web applications with less code.
Risk mitigation: When you outsource Ruby on Rails development, you share the project risks with your service provider. They are responsible for managing the development process, adhering to timelines, and delivering the desired outcomes. This can help mitigate risks associated with project delays or unforeseen challenges.

The role of a Rails developer on Ruby on Rails outsourcing company is to design, develop, and maintain web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. Rails developers are responsible for implementing the business logic of an application, handling data modelling and database interactions, and creating the user interface. They work closely with other team members, such as designers and front-end developers, to ensure the seamless integration of different components.

Rails developers leverage the features and conventions provided by the Ruby on Rails framework to streamline the development process. They utilize the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to separate the concerns of data manipulation, presentation, and application flow. This allows for efficient development, testing, and debugging of web applications.

In addition to core Rails concepts, a Rails developer should be proficient in writing Ruby code and utilizing the Rails ecosystem, which includes a wide range of gems and libraries. They should have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming principles, as Ruby is an object-oriented language.

The role of a Rails developer also extends beyond writing code. They are involved in gathering requirements, collaborating with stakeholders, and ensuring that the application meets the desired functionality and performance standards. They should have good problem-solving skills to address any issues that may arise during development or in production environments.

Rails development project management refers to the process of planning, organizing, and overseeing the development of web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. It involves coordinating the efforts of a development team, setting project goals, and ensuring the successful completion of the project within the specified timeline and budget.

Three important aspects of Rails development project management are:

Planning and organization: This involves creating a roadmap for the project, defining the project scope, and identifying the key milestones and deliverables.
Team collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration within the development team are crucial for successful project management. Regular meetings, clear task assignments, and efficient use of project management tools help facilitate teamwork.
Timely delivery: Meeting project deadlines is essential. The project manager should closely monitor progress, identify any bottlenecks or issues, and take necessary measures to keep the project on track.

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