Handling B2B eCommerce that accelerates growth and drives revenue


Implement new features while improving test coverage and speeding up the deployment time.


An improved sales and Distribution Partner Platform for business digitization and customer acquisition.

Velory - screen

Develop an administrative platform for product handling

Velory (formerly Universal Avenue) is an eCommerce B2B platform selling and distributing electronic devices from various brands. The marketplace solution acts as a broker - buying chosen products and delivering them via platforms like Dustin or Ingram. This B2B eCommerce web portal is powered by machine learning aiding small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate growth. Their Distribution Partner Platform helps to add value to the customer base, driving revenues and aiding customer growth.

Velory contacted Selleo as they were looking to augment their in-house development team to further develop the administrative platform. The main features include product configuration with an extensive editor, product manager and pricing configurator.

Our responsibilities were to:

  • build a product editor that allows adding variants of products
  • create a product manager with filters and the ability to assign products to different partners
  • develop a pricing configurator including features like manual price input, determining the monthly rental fee for the given products and adjusting the price according to the manufacturer’s costs
Process and Project Scope

Selleo augmented the client’s team with a fully-fledged team of front-end developers. The developers were responsible not only for the code, but also preparing a detailed documentation of each cycle. This also included examples of problems users are facing with a proposed solution.

Business Value

A B2B marketplace software with more features, better speed and fewer errors

Velory (formerly Universal Avenue) is a B2B online shop and portal helping to drive revenue and add value to the customer base giving clients access to a wide range of solutions for business digitalization. With Velory, customers save time and money, gain a trusted partner and provide relevant business solutions while monitoring and managing solutions in one interface. Apart from that, they also deliver high speed, wide reach solutions for customer acquisition.

Our development team helped to create an administrative platform for product configuration with features like product editor, manager and pricing configurator.

The collaboration resulted in:

  • new functionalities like product generation, filtering, price setting
  • better test coverage
  • limiting the number of build features
  • speeding up the deployment time for the application
  • minimizing the number of errors
Technology stack

React.js and Ruby on Rails with extensive testing and CircleCI

Selleo provided both React.js and Ruby on Rails developers. As a builder, they made use of Webpack and yarn for package management. Tests were executed using ReactTestingLibrary with integration/E2E test in Cypress.

Additionally, the developers used CircleCI integrated with GitHub for deployment, Heroku hosting, SonarCloud for code quality and test coverage and finally, GitHub as the main code repo and code review platform.