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Benefits of our Custom LMS Development Company services

Inspire your learners with exciting and engaging learning experiences designed to solve their problems. Align the training needs and build a custom learning management system that can offer administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Custom LMS development services

Streamline learning and development and convert instructor-led training into a cloud-based, configurable learning management system. Track the impact of learning on critical KPIs like engagement, retention and skills. Compare training goals to organizational performance, scale your learning operations and organize internal and external learning activities for multiple audiences.

Learning Management System

Accelerate employee training and development and deliver extended enterprise training for business growth. Achieve and demonstrate positive training ROI by assessing, prioritizing and managing your training resources and delivering exceptional learning experiences. Make knowledge accessible and readily available and create a single source of personalized growth. With a custom cloud-based LMS that meets your company’s exact needs your L&D team can design and deliver complete development programs or take advantage of microlearning and boosting employee engagement.

Learning Experience Platform

Make learning part of the work process, facilitate on-the-job training and reduce skill gaps with a LXP platform that focuses on improving the learners’ experience. Cloud-based learning experience platform offers learner-centric on-demand training, better employee engagement, and combines content delivery capabilities with social learning features. Powered by Artificial Intelligence the LXP platform can facilitate informal learning applied in the flow of work, and offer personalized learning recommendations based on the users’ role, interests, past behavior, and other relevant variables.

Software as a Service LMS

Build a scalable, efficient, revenue-generating SaaS LMS that offers mobility, flexibility, better learner engagement, cost predictability, and unlimited data. SaaS-based custom LMS is designed to achieve a variety of benefits for your eLearning business and allows you to quickly and easily organize, manage and sell all of all your and third-party online courses in one place. You can not only craft custom-branded materials, courses, and assessments or provide a gamified learning experience but get a professional and scalable eCommerce module up and running quickly as well.

Northpass (formerly SchoolKeep Inc.) is a US-based company which provides a cloud-based LMS used by enterprise clients to manage online courses and optimize their training operations. Leading companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Shopify use Northpass to streamline their human resource development processes.
Steve Cornwell
Through Selleo’s consistent supplementation, the integrated workforce completed tasks faster and with improved accuracy. Selleo’s outstanding price point, ability to meet all deadlines, and willingness to assimilate with the in-house staff created a more efficient workflow.
Steve Cornwell
CEO, Northpass, USA
Augment your team for greater capacity
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Augment your team for greater capacity
Northpass was looking to augment their domestic engineering team with a larger, lower-cost option for development talent. They wanted build a competitive advantage by lowering their overall cost structure for research and development. Our developers assimilated directly into client’s process. We worked on a functional SaaS platform delivering everything from code refactoring to large-sclae features.
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