Build and design the trendsetting educational web platform.


Develop an online learning platform that will be a powerful tool for lifelong learning and career advancement.


Groundbreaking eLearning platform helps students to find the right path for their careers.

Defined Learning - screen

Helping students meet and tackle real-world challenges

An eLearning platform preparing students for the future by helping them stay engaged with lessons, encouraging critical thinking and collaboration. Defined Learning’s mission is to help school districts achieve all this through real-world project-based learning. They provide relevant tools to educators that need them to implement and assess engaging PBL that drives student achievement.

Defined Learning contacted Selleo as they were looking for a software development company to bring an idea to life and build an eLearning platform filled with courses fitting the registered students' personal needs from scratch. The initial concept was to create an educational website, but our developers transformed it into a powerful eLearning platform.

The collaboration’s scope included:

  • creating an eLearning platform from scratch
  • implementing the project import feature from the present website
  • allowing data synch from the main repository
Process and Project Scope

Our developers were in contact with the Product Owner, who was delivering ideas of major features along with the data on when they are expected to be created. However, their collaboration with the client’s development team was limited to setting up credentials or data import.

Business Value

A new e-learning platform for the future of education.

Defined Learning is an eLearning platform dedicated to students and teachers to bring real-world experience into the classroom. The educator platform trains them to teach toward success, while the one for students provides them access to a portfolio of courses.

Defined Learning helps explore career possibilities while serving as a bridge between on-site work-based learning, career guidance tools and classroom project-based learning. It provides students with guidance and projects which align with their interests and personality traits.

The platform delivers features like:

  • ability to import projects from the current website
  • data synch from the main repository about schools, teachers, students and classes available
  • career tests based on personality traits and interests
  • courses tailored to specific jobs
Technology stack

Scalability thanks to Ruby on Rails with React’s flexibility

This project required a technology stack combining front-end and back-end. That is why our specialized teams decided to use Ruby on Rails with GraphQL and React with Apollo. Both of those languages allowed them to create a high-quality, fast and responsive product.

Additionally, our team handled UX/UI design and improvements.