A gaming platform helping users to compare, find and interact with the best blockchain games


Develop a blockchain gaming platform that aggregates all crucial information about blockchain games across different chain protocols


A gaming platform allowing users to choose between blockchain games.

Omega - screen

Build a powerful platform combining NFT, blockchain and gaming experience.

Blacklusion is a Germany-based block producer on EOSIO-based blockchains. Their business focus is to build products that are easy to use and introduce blockchain technology to a broader audience. Blacklusion contacted Selleo to create an NFT-based gaming platform – Omega.

In Omega, all games are connected together by 3D characters that can be used as skins in games. It gives users the ability to browse games and items, as well as create characters through breeding.

Omega lists blockchain-based games and allows users to discover new games based on off- and on-chain data. Users can download game clients and manage their NFT inventory.

The scope of the project included:

  • build a homepage with browser and filters
  • implement views including detail NFT, games list and games details
  • create a leaderboard view with detailed game statistics
Process and Project Scope

After carefully discussing the project requirements, Selleo provided a fully-fledged development team. The collaboration was managed by the Product Owner on the client’s side.

Business Value

A blockchain platform for gaming enthusiasts with helpful insights and an NFT integration

As a result of our collaboration, we delivered a platform with a beautiful homepage and detailed views of the games. We also created a leaderboard view with game statistics. It all works together to allow users to interact with the best blockchain games by finding and comparing them. The solution combines the latest market trends NFT with blockchain technology and modern glassmorphism design.

Technology stack