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Greenbits - screen

Successful migration to the newest framework

Greenbits is a US-based company providing solutions for the cannabis trading market. They offer a retail management platform that simplifies sales and distribution compliance capabilities to save time and ensure revenue growth.

Greenbits helps to seize opportunities and overcome challenges by simplifying the complexity of retail processes with tools and solutions that make cannabis commerce safer, smarter and easier.

They decided to contact Selleo to take their solution to the next level of functionality and modernity and refresh the platform’s structure. Greenbits was looking for an Ember.js development team with proven experience and independent technical expertise.

The main goal of the platform is to enhance cannabis commerce with intuitive inventory management, express check-in, fast and reliable transactions, and pain-free returns and by streamlining workflow, help to create more gratifying experiences for staff and customers alike.

The project goals were to :

  • strengthen the current platform and update it
  • deliver new best practices in code
  • deliver highest quality software solutions ensure by automated testes
Process and Project Scope

Greenbits contacted Selleo in 2020 in order to update its current commerce solution. We created a dedicated team of Ember.js developers. Selleo frontend devs were working on a codebase shared with the client but throughout the process remained almost completely independent.

Business Value

Simplify sales and keep the customers satisfied

Greenbits helps to deal with compliance processes and serves as a back-office for cannabis stores. The main features of the platform include integration with MetrC, packages management, reporting, cash register handling and receipt printing.

As a development team, Selleo was responsible for the migration of the project to a newer version of the framework as well as the introduction of coding and testing best practices.

Greenbits is partnering with companies Weedmaps, Leafly, Enlighten and Divvy and each day raises awareness, drives customer engagement and increases sales thanks to the industry-s best menu integrations, eCommerce solutions and loyalty programs.

Thanks to the migration the client gained

  • better tooling and programming model
  • easier coding and testing
  • more extensive documentation for the framework
  • knowledge on how to write better code and test more efficiently
Technology stack

From Ember 1.13 to 3.20

Because of the project scope, we decided to give the client our best Ember team. The developers ensured the highest quality of the platform while introducing best coding practices and performing the migration from Ember 1.13 to 3.20.