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Connecting property managers and owners with detailed work services to achieve amazing experiences

Breezeway is a Boston-based property care and operations platform helping their clients coordinate, communicate and verify detailed work. This means constant high quality, safety and cleanliness across properties thanks to tools that empower and automate operations to achieve an amazing rental experience.

Breezeway has been our client for quite some time and mid-development decided to create a second mobile application responsible only for handling the communication. Due to the rising popularity and expanding features of the first application, splitting those solutions was the smartest thing to do.

The new software aims to resolve challenges like:

  • support real-time connection and communication using WebSockets
  • handle push notifications with Firebase
  • handle selecting and displaying images from Cloudinary storage
  • deal with error states (Bugsnag)
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Service Process

Just like during the initial development, Selleo provided React and React Native developers. The project was managed by the Product Owner on the client-side.
With the help of the Scrum Master, we create 2-week sprints with daily meetings. As developers, we were responsible for dividing bigger tickets into smaller subtasks and managing work across the team. We mainly use Slack for real-time communication with the support from Zoom to handle video calls.
The project scope was focused on creating a separate application for handling communication for a previously developed property maintenance platform. The mobile app is a great solution for handling messages and collecting data allowing generating reports about the job done. It was crucial to automate communication and make it work in real-time.
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Nate Oaks
Nate Oaks
CTO & Co-Founder, Breezeway USA

The team at Selleo has been positively received internally. Their dedication to the success of the company is noteworthy. They’re skilled and responsive. Customers can anticipate a real partnership while working with them.

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A brand-new application for handling messaging and impacting customer satisfaction

Breezeway delivers property care an operations platform to aid in coordinating, communicating and verifying various detailed work while providing the best service. Their software facilitates over 3M property tasks across 80+ million square feet helping hundreds of rental and hospitality operators. With the new application, the communication between service providers and clients is even easier than before. It helps to gain customer trust, allowing precise communication. The application supports push notifications and also can be integrated with standard text messaging. Clients can notice a great reduction of internal confusion and reduced time of response.

By using the application owners and managers can:

  • increase guest satisfaction
  • reduce internal confusion and callbacks
  • better handle errors
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