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PawełClient and Team Lead
I specialize in front-end components like EmberJS, React.js and Redux with some background in Ruby on Rails. I focus on designing robust, scalable and secure software solutions with clean, reliable and efficient JavaScript and Ruby code. I have experience in international projects where I implement Agile and Scrum approach accompanied by extreme Team-oriented spirit.
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Łukasz Walczak
Paweł Kuwik
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Michał Greń

Success is achieved by supporting one another and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We take pride in our ability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of technology, always seeking out new opportunities to grow and learn. Our team is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to helping our clients solve even the most complex challenges.

Engaging People

Engaging People

We improve daily, looking at the changes as opportunities which allow us to experiment and grow helping one another.

Assuring Success

Assuring Success

We build friendly and trustful relationships with clients offering our advice and building unique custom solutions.

Fostering Communication

Fostering Communication

We want to communicate clearly, putting aside egos in order to achieve our goals as a team.

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## We don't blindly follow client suggestions, instead **offering our own ideas and solutions**.
Client and Team Lead

We don't blindly follow client suggestions, instead offering our own ideas and solutions.

Having a team spirit as a core value we build a working relationship based on engagement and successful cooperation.

Paweł Kuwik
Paweł Kuwik
Client and Team Lead
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OUR EXPERTISEHow we helped clients grow their businesses

Project #1 Crafting learning experiences used by top university incubation program

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Jamie, CEO at Neutopia a social learning platform searched for developers in Poland and after a series of meetings with different SDHs, he decided to work with us. We implemented a turnkey project approach building a full-fledged development team for back-end and front-end services together with UX design.

Project #2 Reinventing online learning for innovative companies like Uber or Airbnb

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Founder of SaaS Learning Platform looked to augment his domestic engineering team to speed up development at a cost-effective rate and build a competitive advantage. He interviewed about 5 firms in Ukraine and Poland, Selleo had the right balance of economics, skills, and professionalism.

Project #3 Harmonized print and digital experiences to build engaged relationships

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Peter, CEO at Documobi wanted to transition from in-house developers to an outsourced environment to build and grow his platform. After a global search for potential partners, he chose us due to our eLearning expertise and the capacity to perform full-stack development, UX design and DevOps.

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