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Low turnover

Our developers stay with us for long periods of time. This limits the possibilities of staff changes on your project and the need to constantly onboard new people


We highly advocate battle-tested Scrum development which allows us to ensure our clients have full control over the process.


We use our expertise to provide you with an amazing experience thanks to many years on the market and a great amount of successful projects.

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Our workflow

Evaluation of an existing product
Here we discuss your idea, vision, and business targets you want to achieve. It will help us set a scope and requirements. In staff augmentation, we adjust to the existing client’s team.
NDA covered if needed

The client has full IP rights and any specific nuances can be covered in an NDA.

Team assembly

After the initial conversation, the client receives team CVs for review. We can also schedule a technical interview with individuals.


Your role

Provide us with your requirements and needs

Our Role

Facilitate discussion, ask questions, and perform code reviews


2-5 days


Contract sign up, then the client will receive exactly the needed team

Our workflow

Project kick-off
Planning our journey - the project kick-off is the best time to set expectations and foster strong team morale. It influences the success of the project.
Kickoff workshops

At this stage, we meet face-to-face with you to discuss your needs for a minimum of 2 workshop days.

Kickoff deliverables

We need a few days for delivery after workshops. Every delivery creation is based on your product’s needs and given information.


Your role

Give feedback, make decisions, and keep an open mind.

Our role

Propose patterns, implement tools and processes and run workshops.


7-14 days


Understand objectives, milestones, risks, and constraints better.

Our workflow

Development phase
Selleo advocates following the rules and principles of Agile and Lean software development methodologies as the best approach to managing projects. Usually, we divide our work into two-week sprints during which we deliver usable parts of a system. During this phase our team will work on Web or/and mobile application:
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • DevOps
  • QA Testing
You will be able to verify, try out and make changes in your product during the process.

The outcome is software that meets your expectations.

scrum process

Your role

Participate in meetings and relevant activities

Our Role

Process management, running meetings, and parts of product delivery


Depends on the scope


Products that meet customer needs

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