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**A clickable MVP prototype**

A clickable MVP prototype

A clickable MVP prototype delivered in 3 weeks. A successful collaboration that validated our client's idea and helped with further project development.

**A clickable MVP prototype**
-mockup-desktop**A clickable MVP prototype**
ABOUT THE PROJECTGeneral project overview

The client contacted us to help them validate their idea and present key features and functionalities in the MVP version of the product. The idea was to validate whether hearing aid companies can add and sell their products on the website. Additionally, to find out if doctors would want to schedule calls with patients through the website or an app.

The client had an idea of how the app should look like and what functionalities it should offer to their customers. We discussed all the possible functionalities, and we chose those that we believed brought the most business value to potential customers, developed at the lowest cost, and were unique compared to competitors’ offers.

As the next step, we delivered them with a specific design layout in 3 weeks. The MVP prototype helped the client understand the US market demands for hearing aids and focus on the most promising ideas.


Presenting the most affordable approach to the MVP version


Product discovery and MVP prototype with specific features to be tested with the selected groups at the lowest cost possible.


Discussion and brainstorming sessions to present the fastest and most affordable way of developing the MVP version of the product.


Developing a clickable prototype of a website with a suggested mobile view, containing a booking functionality with doctors in the area and an online shop where users could buy potential hearing aids and other medical products.

business valueWhat was the assumed business value in further development stages?

In the full version, patients were supposed to gain access to articles and reviews of hearing aids and be able to connect with clinicians in their area. Patients could buy and rate their hearing aids and hearing clinics.

Thanks to this approach clinicians would gain visibility and could connect with potential new patients by providing helpful answers in forums, writing articles and blogs, or through reviewed hearing aids.

Manufacturers could showcase their products, share their latest studies or developments, and post news with special offers.

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I am a flexible software engineer, specializing in React development. I am a fast learner and enjoy working independently as well as within a harmonious group. I pride myself on my amazing time-management skills and the ability to easily adjust to challenging situations. In my team, I am responsible for writing high-quality code, organizing documentation and automatization processes.
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