Hearing Pages


An audiology e-health platform that caters to the hearing health community – including patients, clinicians, and clinics, manufacturers and sales reps as well as professional and consumer support organizations. The site takes a community approach and includes tools to benefit visitors from all areas of the hearing loss community.

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Business Value

Connect patients with clinicians

Patients can gain access to articles and reviews of hearing aids, find clinics and use forums to connect with clinicians or reps in their area. Patients may also rate their hearing aids and hearing clinics as well as participate in community groups and events.

Clinicians gain visibility and connect with potential new patients by providing helpful answers in forums, writing articles and blogs or reviewing hearing aids. Clinics and manufacturers can amplify their image by using self-managed web channels with forums, news and updates, groups, events, videos and more.

Manufacturers can showcase their products, share their latest studies and developments, post news and special offers. Reps can also join conversations, e.g. to support clinicians with particular needs related to hearing aid fitting and recommendations. Not-for-Profit organizations and educational institutions can share information and raise awareness of ongoing initiatives to effectively support consumers, students, and professionals.

Technology stack

Audiology multi-sided platform

This e-health platform was developed in Ruby on Rails and includes social media components that allow the community members to get connected and benefit from the experience and knowledge of others involved.