Redesigning the teachers' employing process.

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Humly is a Swedish Edtech company founded in 2015. Their mission is to make teaching more accessible by making it easy to find teaching jobs.
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Find skilled scholars and free vacancies in schools

Schools in Sweden and many other countries experience a great shortage of teachers. Humly was created to aid the process of finding suitable short-term substitutes as well as long-term teachers. The platform is also directed to students looking for employment and opportunities for gaining experience.

The main purpose of these mobile and PWA apps is to connect students, teachers with schools and universities and vice versa. Thanks to the platform, educational institutions gain access to qualified teachers while graduates have the opportunity to gain teaching experience and find short-term or long-term employment.

Humly’s next goal is to start supporting customers in the UK with the first client signed in October 2020.

The main challenges of the projects are:

  • help teachers find vacancies
  • aid schools with finding substitutes and long-term employees
  • create an administrative platform that can support teams in supervising daily tasks as well as automate manual tasks
  • create a scalable and multi-national platform
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Service Process

We first got in touch in 2017 to augment the team on the client’s side and work on all applications. In April 2020 Selleo became a dedicated team solely responsible for the infrastructure and development of all apps. For this purpose, we established React.js and RoR development teams. Selleo collaborates with the product manager and the UI designer of Humly.
Our communication is based on daily meetings with the client discussing current priorities and synchronizing progress. We work in biweekly sprints, starting with a planning meeting to decide which stories we will work on. At the end of the sprint, we organise a retrospective meeting to summarize what went well and what can be improved.
Selleo team is responsible for the entire back-end development, front-end development and mobile app development. We are also focused on maintaining the infrastructure on which the apps run. Each member of the team is involved in the planning and technical specification of new features. We actively participate in brainstorming sessions for any larger features. This helps the customer to get a deeper understanding of what needs to be done and how it will affect the apps ecosystem. We also provide technical support for admin users and teachers during their daily activities in case of problems or any custom manual requests (resending emails, checking logs for user activity and so on).
Technology & Scope

The amazing combination of React.js and Ruby on Rails

Selleo teams decided to choose React.js as the front-end language and Ruby on Rails for the back-end. We also make use of Vue.js, React Native for building the mobile app and MongoDB, AWS and Heroku for the infrastructure.

client value & trust
Kristoffer Persson
Kristoffer Persson
Founder and Product Manager of Humly

The collaboration is very transparent and professional, without losing the personal touch. The team is easy to scale both up and down based on your need and how things develop. I feel inspired and happy when I work together with the brilliant people from Selleo.

business value

Job seeking made easy

The platform supports schools in creating different types of job opportunities in order to fill in the vacancies. On the other hand, the mobile app allows teachers to browse job offers from schools in their nearby radius. It sends out push notifications about the types of jobs the user is interested in.

The administrative platform helps support teams to supervise and manage the daily operations of the company. Additionally, the platform allows automatization of certain manual tasks like a contract signing through OneFlow.

The registration website was created to allow teachers from Sweden and the UK to sign-up for the platform. Integrated with internalization and localization services it helps to get to the UK market and ultimately spread to other countries in the future.

This fully-fledged platform helps both educators and schools in tasks like:

  • aiding the process of searching for teaching vacancies
  • connecting educational institutions with qualified teachers for long-term or short-term collaboration
  • full feedback and rating system from both ends of the marketplace
  • helping administrative teams in daily operations
  • automating tasks like a contract signing
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