Outsourcing RoR | How To Choose A Ruby On Rails Development Company?

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Outsourcing RoR | How To Choose A Ruby On Rails Development Company?

May it be a well-reputed firm or a startup – the advantages of outsourcing a RoR developer are almost identical. By outsourcing a Ruby on Rails Development Company, you get experienced personnel and a specialized quality assurance team to ensure that only the best idea gets through the ideal work environment. Besides the experienced professionals, these companies also have state-of-art QA labs to run and test the app on different platforms.

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity, outsourcing Ruby on Rails developers can be a tricky job. There are many important factors that a company should understand before outsourcing the project. In this article, you will have a better look at what RoR software outsourcing is and how it can benefit your business.

Is Ruby still Relevant in 2021?

There are rumors that Ruby on Rails is on the way out or has already died.

So, what went wrong?

The rumors are based on two points:

  1. More cost-effective IT solutions are available.
  2. Twitter has shifted away from Rails in favor of other technology, harming Rails' credibility.

Ruby on Rails is neither dead nor dying. It is, in reality, performing admirably. Here’s some best explanation that why we have made this claim:

Arguments that Prove Ruby on Rails isn’t Dead and Here to Stay!

Every technology flourishes based on some prominent factors, let’s see if these factors are well-maintained for Rails.


Are there Regular Updates? YES!

Ruby on Rails is constantly updated, and each latest version adds many new features. The most recent update, 6.1, focuses on incorporating the features needed to keep web apps going for years to come. This upgrade included over 650 Expert Developers. The crucial thing is that the central team in charge of launches has been intact for several years.

Is the Community Growing? YES!

RoR has a huge community of developers. Github has over 4000 users. It's not always easy to create custom apps. It is not uncommon for developers to need assistance in completing complex tasks. Here comes the help of the community. There are some sources where solutions can be found, such as on a forum, StackOverflow, Reddit, or RailsConf.

Are Developers Comfortable to Use Ruby on Rails? YES!

Ruby on Rails technology is comfortable, practical, effective, and relatively simple to understand. It is another consideration for developers, which makes it a preferred choice.

Ruby comes with its collection of libraries. These tried-and-true methods greatly boost code, allowing programmers to save time. There are currently 160k+ open-source libraries available, and this figure is steadily increasing.

Many well-known brands use RoR, such as Airbnb, Shopify, SlideShare, Groupon Twitch, Github, GitLab.

This brand analogy also demonstrates how RoR technology is widespread. According to similartech.com, the United States has the highest concentration of Ruby on Rails websites.

Is Ruby on Rails Cost-Effective? Yes!

In the software development industry, time is wealth. The faster developers can write the code, the lower the price for development.

Clients don't have to wait long for the first findings while they use RoR. With Ruby on Rails,  the production cycle is relatively short. Furthermore, gems enable developers to offer more beneficial solutions by reducing coding time. You don’t have to pay a licensing fee because Ruby on Rails is an open-source platform.

Advantages of Using Rails

Ruby on Rails have many advantages, the most important ones are as follow:


Rail is an established framework with a long history and a dedicated team of contributors behind it. It has a wide variety of solutions and has smoothed out nearly all of the problems following repeated changes. Open source guarantees a constant supply of developers, and a developed framework equals robust and refined code.

Convention over Configuration

The convention over configuration software engineering framework is used by Ruby on Rails. Current conventions eliminate the need for file initialization at runtime, saving time. In a limited amount of time, the developers can create stable apps.

Time Efficient

When you're working under a tight timeline, Rails is a great framework to use. It follows the simplest path. Definitely, without having to think about context information, you can concentrate on writing simple, precise code.


Due to the rising number of gems, the list of items that you can create with Ruby is very long. Ruby on Rails Gems is pre-written solutions for many development issues. The Gems could be an add-on, a plug-in, a library, or a snippet, which could be installed with only a few lines of code.


CRUD is for database development, reading, updating, and deletion. CRUD operations are essential for most web applications. Rails are undoubtedly the best platform for dealing with massive datasets, particularly when built on CRUDs.


What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Before getting into the specifics of companies that use RoR, it's a good idea to learn more about why companies use Ruby-on-Rails in the first place. Let's get started.

You need to understand that Ruby is a complex, general-purpose programming language that is scalable and mature.

Thanks to the vast number of gems and libraries that serve as building blocks for various applications, the list of items you can create with Ruby is very long.


Ruby is a preferred choice for the cost-effective and fast development of MVPs. This language often is used to create prototypes, introduce changes, and validate various software iterations before building fully functional apps.

Social Networking Apps

Ruby is ideal for social networking applications because of its ability to support traffic-heavy apps.

Examples: Twitter previously using RoR

Ecommerce Platforms

Ruby is the preferred programming language for many e-commerce websites. Ruby's speed of growth, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for the job because it can handle many transactions at once.

Examples: Spree & Shopify (Shopify hosts over 800,000 online stores).

Platforms that Support Complex Databases

RoR is used by the world’s best database websites with multi-platform and analytical portals.

Examples: GitHub & Bloomberg

Tourism and Hospitality

Ruby on Rails powers the online platforms that are forever changing tourism and hospitality. Innovative data solutions and horizontal scalability are used by tech-savvy online businesses to build sprawling, multinational datasets critical to their growth. Since then, major hotel chains have adopted Ruby on Rails as one of their web tactics.

Examples: Airbnb and Couchsurfing 


In the marketing world, Rails is constantly being used by both startups and large corporations. Ruby on Rails' success in the production of cutting-edge applications and websites for the industry is due to its reliability, vast range of useful libraries, and ability to easily incorporate various databases.

Examples: CrazyEgg & BBDO


Defense, scalability, and consistency are top priorities for fintech companies. With its vast, community-driven library catalog, high-quality code, and built-in security features, Rails covers many of these bases. Ruby on Rails' prominence is particularly apparent in the growth of crowdfunding platforms.

Examples: Bloomberg, Kickstart, Fundera

Human Resources

The human resource industry needs a framework that can present a broad and dynamic range of information in an easy-to-access manner, along with the ability to constant updates. Rails have been the system of choice for many creative online job portals due to their adaptability, reliability, and ability to manage large datasets.

Examples: Fiverr, and Helping


The streaming revolution that shook the entire entertainment industry was made possible by RoR's highly efficient code, reliability, and fast production times. Even after their initial development spurts, online content businesses that moved away from focusing solely on Rails still find the helpful system. More conventional market players have shown interest in leveraging RoR by recruiting developers in recent months.

Examples: Netflix, Hulu, and Twitch

Real Estate

More real estate companies are discovering the benefits of Rails for their industry, especially RoR's ability to handle large databases. This is a promising path for Ruby on Rails' future, mainly when designing a custom real estate CRM due to developing new tools and developer resources for the industry.

Examples: Spacelist, and Prologis


What is RoR Software Outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is a business process under which a company collaborates with a third-party provider to produce software rather than its staff. Traditionally, companies in the United States used globalization as a cost-cutting strategy, sending low-skill, low-wage workers and little commitments to countries with the lowest labor costs.

What Are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails Software Outsourcing?

Companies are gradually turning to RoR software outsourcing to gain access to top talent, better versatility, faster response times, and, of course, cost savings to keep up with the constantly changing tech environment.


Here are some of the most important advantages of RoR outsourcing software development.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

The most apparent benefit of outsourcing advanced technological projects is that you are no longer limited to applicants within driving distance or even within the same region.

Scale up or Down Quickly

Furthermore, talent access will be more of an "on-demand" arrangement. It makes no sense to recruit a full-time employee or invest in a slew of innovative tools for businesses that only require a VR developer for a single project.


As compared to full-time salaries, working for outsourced developers means you just pay for what you need. You will be able to take advantage of reduced housing costs depending on where the staff is based. Keep in mind that you'll want to make sure that the firm you partner with pays employees at or above market wages in your region. Otherwise, high turnover or under-qualified employees can jeopardize your project's success. Worse, it could be a breach of human rights, which, in addition to being unethical, could lead consumers to desert ships and publicly criticize you.

Does Outsourcing of RoR Projects Make Sense?

Outsourcing RoR software development is becoming a more common and profitable practice for companies looking to keep their digital products ahead of the technological curve. You should know when is the right time to outsource your software development to a third-party company.

When to Outsource RoR Software Development

  • When there is a Lack of Time - Software development can take a long time, particularly if it's handled by an in-house team with several tasks and goals. Business opportunities only provide a short window of opportunity before patterns shift or technology progresses. A devoted outsourced team will devote their entire attention to your idea. A team like this can accomplish a lot more.
  • When there is a lack of Skills and Experience - You'll need to search for a team to produce your cutting-edge online portal or smartphone app unless you have in-house developers who retain their technical experience and expertise by daily personal growth. Software development is, at best, one of the plates you're spinning as a corporation (along with sales, distribution, customer support, and so on), and a specialized software development outsourcing firm is almost certainly better-equipped to produce the best available digital product.
  • When there is a lack of Money - Outsourcing is far less costly than hiring and training a development team in-house. When opposed to the long-term costs of hiring, building, and retaining your in-house team of specialists, it is still a more cost-effective choice.

How to Outsource Ruby On Rails Development Effectively?

When it comes to selecting the best RoR development company, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you as a company should consider. These are as follows:

The Do’s

Here are the Do’s:

Have a Vision

Before heading to ask for quotations from the outsourcing companies, it is better to have a clear vision of your requirements and goals. You need to list down the goals and what you want to sell through the app. Is the app meant to make your workflow more efficient? Or, are there some services you want to sell to your target audience?

Conduct Market Research

Another step that you as a business need to perform before asking for quotations is market research. Check the market trends, the demand for your product or service, and competitors and their offerings.

Be Specific about the Requirements

When you are not clear about your requirements, it gives a chance to development firms to quote you a higher amount compared to what it should be. Knowing the exact requirements means you should have a clear understanding of the list of features and useability for the app.

Trust the Development Team

Trust your project management team and the developers, as these are the people who will deliver the final product. You need to believe that the development team has your best interest at heart, and they know that a successful partnership is based on mutual understanding. Trust makes cooperation easier and beneficial to both sides.

Explore New Technologies

There are the newest methodologies available for communication with the Ruby on Rails team other than emails. It is one example that a business should always be open to try new methods and technologies.

Communicate Clearly & Regularly

If you need something out of the scope from the development team then communicate clearly with the project manager. Ruby on Rails is a Model-View-Controller framework, if you need to change or enhance your app with new features or business logic, you won’t have any barriers to overcome.

Use Task Management Boards like Trello & Jira

There are many Task Management tools like Trello and Jira that are highly useful for large workloads with diversified teams. With these tools, you can manage the workflow efficiently with an outsource RoR development company and keep a constant eye on their progress.


The Don’ts

Here are the Don’ts:

Don’t Try to Speedup the Development Process

RoR technology takes half of the development time compared to other technologies. But still, there is much time required in each cycle of the development process. Don’t rush too much and hurry the development process. You need to be patient.

Don’t Get Angry on Small Issues

Keep in mind that trends associated with the language may affect the framework, so don’t get angry when there is a minor glitch or issue in the development process.


Don’t Try to Save More Money

If you have a tight budget, don’t try to cut some more slack. Usually, it is better to start with something less advanced and then grow steadily over time.

How to Choose a RoR Software House

Selecting the right development team is the first step or key to your app’s success. So, be wise, and here are some pointers to help you choose the best RoR software house.

Review the Quotes & Portfolios

Don’t make price the main driving factor of outsourcing RoR software development companies. If you go with the cheapest quotes, you will ultimately pay more at the end of the project.

Compare the price with the portfolio by analyzing industry trends. A company’s portfolio is the key to gathering information. Check if they have sufficient experience in developing apps of the same industry as your using Ruby on Rails.

Ensure Proper Communication and Culture Fit

Communication is the key to success. It is just not a simple quote but holds complete truth, especially in the app development industry.

Analyze the communication channels and platforms used by the potential companies and how much value they give to retrospective meetings. A clear communication channel is a cost-effective way to integrate your external development team from day one regarding what you expect from you and what you expect.

Check if the development company offers you:

  • SCRUM/Agile Development Process - Nowadays, major IT companies prefer daily standups, sprints, and hurdles. Your outsourcing partner should have it.
  • Task Management Tools - Your potential partners should use proper task management tools where your external team should be accessible. Communicate with them daily on Slack or Mattermost during regular working hours.

Look at the Technology Stack


The development company should be an expert on Technology Stack, especially RoR.

To build a front-end in React, find a company working with React.

If you want to have a backend in Node.js, find a company working solely in Node.js on the backend. Companies with prior experience in the same technology are better candidates to outsource your project.

Check Testimonial Page

Every company, especially RoR software development, should have a testimonial page where their previous and current clients can leave their feedback.

You can also ask the company for recommendations or check on LinkedIn if your contacts have the company's founders in their network – ask them for opinions.

Time Zone is a Critical Factor

Avoid language and time barriers by considering the geography of the company. Your software partnered company should be problem-solvers with excellent language skills. Due to these reasons, we recommend thinking twice before outsourcing to a company from India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Poland is considered one of the best countries for the best developers in the world.


Outsourcing the right and competent Ruby on Rails development company is like hiring a crew to build your new house. If the contractor is not skillful and experienced, you may end up with high maintenance costs and permanent damages. Similarly, if you wish to make your application successful, choosing the right team is very important.

At Selleo, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced RoR developers who have worked with many clients from diversified industries and provide them solutions better than their expectations. If you wish to build software using Ruby on Rails technology, you can contact us for more guidance.

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