Improving cardiovascular care with HIPAA compliant platform


Develop a suite of eHealth web and mobile apps embedded within existing software solutions to support users directly in their workflow.


HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform to speed up real-time communication of healthcare teams for a company serving 1000+ hospitals.

Catalyst - screen

Eliminate life-threatening consequences in a clinical care setting

Our client Ascend is an expert in the health information technology world. Their systems for reporting, analytics and device interfaces are used by the top hospitals and health institutions in North America. With over 20 years of experience, Ascend supports cardiovascular health using Information Technology and groundbreaking, seamlessly integrated intelligent solutions.

Ascend’s vision is to change the image of global healthcare by providing workflow systems, together with clinical knowledge. With Catalyst, the company wanted to create a real-time ehealth collaboration platform to speed up the process of information exchange in the field where single seconds are worth a life. The software should connect clients and existing enterprise platforms to ensure more efficient and effective patient care.

This clinical communication and cooperation platform should support

  • hospitals in facilitating real-time collaboration with a solution which is compliant with legal regulations and easy to integrate with existing platforms
  • healthcare teams in delivering more effective and efficient patient care
  • patients in having access to some of their data online and being able to access help needed faster
Process and Project Scope

Successful MVP development with Scrum

Ascend contacted Selleo to join forces to create a real-time engagement application embedded within ASCEND solutions to support users directly in their workflow. With clinical and ehealth informatics specialists on its side client needed a team of full-stack developers who specialized in integrations and SPA development.

Business Value

Resolving the gap in the communication fabric of the cardiovascular service line

The Catalyst is an internal ehealth single page application which aims to provide advanced access to relevant health information, enhance the quality of care, reduce errors and increase collaboration. It facilitates the real-time communication of healthcare teams and enables effective and efficient patient care.

With several features ensuring security, convenience and flexibility (e.g. high contrast themes to support reading in low light areas, single session across multiple devices or asynchronous communication), it encourages stakeholder engagement within the care delivery model, promoting a team approach with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

Catalyst as a cardiovascular IT solution supporting hospital workflow brings value for

  • hospitals by meeting HIPAA compliance to protect patient data and privacy and control administrative costs
  • healthcare teams by ensuring real-time interaction, eliminating ambiguity, and missed communications through desktop sharing, video conferencing, automated dial-out telephone conferencing, notifications via widely accepted mediums including push to mobile, desktop, text message, and email
  • patients by having tools for a remote patient consult in one location and guest user access for more efficient collaboration

Selleo’s resources are committed to excellence, which makes them willing to refine features until they have the best product possible. Selleo’s other strengths include Agile project management, excellent English communication skills, and consistent professionalism.

Dru JensenSenior Lead Engineer at ASCEND HIT
Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

Our full-stack developers used ReactJS as a front-end framework and Ruby on Rails as a back-end solution to develop this single page application SPA. We used several integrations with third-party services like Twilio, OneSignal or PubNub.