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Alyne GmbH is a Munich-based B2B RegTech company, which stands behind the next-generation Security, Governance and Risk Management as a Service Software. The solution aids organisations of all industries in maturing their cyber security, compliance capabilities, risk management and helps to cost-effectively measure maturity without using messy spreadsheets.
Team Augumentation

Make risk-aware decisions regarding digital assets

The company was looking for a software partner to support development and improvement of new features within its Software as a Service platform Alyne. This solution is based on a combination between a curated content library and a digital dashboard, and helps CISOs, Chief Risk Officers, Data Protection Offices and other decision-makers in risk-aware organisations to know their compliance requirements, implementation guidelines, to assess risk and perform risk analytics.

The software solution was aimed to resolve challenges related to:

  • defining policies in line with up to date legal and regulatory requirements
  • performing assessments to measure compliance within the organisation and externally
  • prioritising risk mitigation to identify risks to the organisation and prioritise mitigation activities
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Service Process

Alyne GmbH wanted to add additional Ember developers with extensive experience in designing B2B SaaS platforms. By adding new skill sets to the in-house team, the company could take advantage of both external and internal resources for the faster development and high code quality. On the other hand, with team augmentation, Alyne could use experienced, yet affordable resources, and improve ROI of the project.
To focus on the desired outcome, our cross-functional team decided to use Scrum taking a small set of features from the idea to coded and tested functionality. With a Scrum Master on our side to facilitate the process, and having the backlog managed by external Product Owner, we decided to use weekly sprints and Scrum events involving both teams as much as possible.
The software has over 850 control statements and adaptable controls enabling informed decisions with context-rich data. Alyne supports detailed analytics and reporting, allows fast searching, includes questionnaire templates to send to stakeholders and enables launching workflows based on the desired outcome.
Technology & Scope

Ember based SaaS platform

Alyne is an IT-driven platform for defining common rules, assessing adherence and identifying related risk. Our EmberJS team was responsible for the front-end development of the service implementing new functions and technical solutions.

  • easily develop a full set of policies to maturely and safely govern IT
  • perform assessments with highly scalable self-assessment functionality
  • prioritise risk mitigation with risk detection algorithms and analytics
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client value & trust
Manuel Reil
Manuel Reil

Their team worked diligently to provide a solution that runs effectively. They produced a result that followed the specifics of a complex project.

We can now ship our products faster and demonstrate our ability to execute quickly.

business value

RegTech platform trusted by industry-leading companies

The Alyne SaaS platform aids organisations such as Allianz, Deloitte or Barclays in maturing their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities, and helps companies to make smart, well-informed and risk-aware decisions to secure their digital assets in a cost-effective way. A real-time dashboard with highly flexible funnels enables fast access to assessment results, reports and insights.

The platform supports organisations in implementing legal and regulatory requirements across industry sectors, determining maturity, aligning with industry standards and sharing subject matter expertise. Its high-quality multilingual content crafted by industry experts covers such topics as Cyber Security, International Data Privacy, Business Continuity Management, or Social Media Risk Management.

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