Eliminating cash-based processes with smart payment solutions

B4B Payments is a global B2B payments innovator headquartered in London, offering smart and flexible corporate payments and card solutions. B4B’s solution combines a Mastercard® prepaid card with a powerful in-house proprietary management portal saving businesses time and money.

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Delivering and scaling regulated prepaid programs globally

B4B Payments looked for a trusted software development partner with vast experience in implementing API integrations and developing web solutions for industries in which regulatory compliance is a key. The biggest challenge was maintaining an existing large code base and building new standalone systems. As the web application deals directly with financial institutions it needs to comply with local and international laws concerning financial services. With a growing number of global customers, the platform had to be ready for international payments with improved reliability and security.

Process and Project Scope

Outsourcing Ruby on Rails experts

With the lack of experienced Ruby on Rails developers in the UK, B4B Payments started to look for an outsourcing company to expand internal technical resources. After a successful trial, the project scope was finalised and a team of both back-end RoR and front-end React developers with on-demand access to our UX Design team was built. To ensure effective project kick-off, the platform’s architecture and dependencies among internal and external applications within the system were established through a meeting at Selleo premises.

Business Value

B4B Payments offer four core products that remove the painpoints and simplify processes for businesses dealing with expense management, recurring payments, payroll, rewards and incentives.

The platform delivers a technical solution for managing card applications offering SMS and app tools, including a customer service administration portal containing a full set of tools to manage customer contact and account administration. . Choosing a B4B prepaid Mastercard® card solution also gives clients a unique opportunity to showcase their brand. For a seamless user experience, a branded cardholder portal and unique landing page is created.

The powerful B4B management portal enables customers to: View real-time float statements, card loads and transactions Manage expenses including creating job codes, accounting categories, office locations and departments Automatically top-up cards to a defined level every day Switch off ATM use and online transactions * Perform electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) checks

Selleo holds themselves to a high standard in all their work, whether it’s frontend, backend, or a minor design tweak. They’re a reliable and professional team whose superior organization makes collaboration easy. They’re well-versed across the team, and they communicate well and listen to feedback.

Rob Anderson
Rob AndersonCTO at B4B
Technology stack
With a test-driven development approach, our team at Selleo was responsible for maintaining high code quality, CSS implementation and introducing new features to the platform. Developers ensured reliability and security. We used Ruby on Rails to develop the project and build a robust, scalable platform.