Crafting ultimate rewards platform with the digital marketplace


Help gamers become pro players and develop their skills with virtual leaderboards, tournaments & community events.


Freemium rewards platform that uses a unique matchmaking algorithm to pair opponents and the digital marketplace for a wide selection of gifts.

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Help gamers become pro players

Battleriff is an online eSports service which enables players from around the globe to challenge real opponents in popular games such as Smite: Battleground of Gods. As gaming and esports are one of the fastest growing online activities our client targets some of the 800 million active users.

Battleriff Gaming AB is part of the fast-growing esports market. This Swedish startup wanted Selleo to create a e-sports platform where online gamers could develop skills and compete with others from all around the world in the greatest esport games. Their main focus was to develop a peer-to-peer service where people can challenge each other while playing for real money.

The platform should be integrated with a chat feature, personalised interface while working with an unlimited amount of popular esport games. It should also allow the users to connect gaming profiles from other platforms directly to Battleriff to enable competing with other players.

The main aim of the platform was to create a community with a great atmosphere connecting gamers with streamers and vice versa.

Battleriff platform should answer the needs of:

  • amateur players wanting to improve their skills, show their mastery and earn money
  • pro players looking for new team members and ways to compete with best amateur players
  • streamers needing new subscribers and interesting virtual environment for their gaming content
Process and Project Scope

Product Owner as a "Voice of the Customer"

Battleriff possesses a well-functioning, strong team with great work ethics. We were contacted by them to develop an e-gaming platform that would connect players from all around the world to challenge each other while betting Riffpoints. They needed a team skilled in React development with the ability to scale and experience in development of community-based platforms.

Business Value

Virtual Esports Arena that incorporates the DNA of the gaming culture

Bound together through passion for gaming and esports, Battleriff’s mission is to build an entertaining, secure and attractive product that incorporates the DNA of the gaming culture. Something all gamers will love to use, pro and amateur alike.

The Battleriff is a freemium service, offering both free and paid memberships and represents state of the art technology with integrated machine learning AI. The solution enables gamers to connect their favourite games personal profiles directly to the service and use their gameplay and skill to challenge each other for prize money and rewards. The games played on the Battleriff platform are purely skill based and do not involve wagering with real money. The platform is integrated with a marketplace where the users can exchange Riffpoints earned in games for giftcards, merchandise and hardware.

Battleriff lets you create and join challenges in your favorite games for prize money. Passionate Gaming Rewarded.

  • amateur players can compete in both casual and competitive ladders to win prize money, hardware and other amazing rewards
  • pro players can benefit from matchmaking algorithm which pairs opponents bridging the gap between amateur and pro players.
  • streamers can join various community events and stream highly competitive tournaments in such games as Smite, FIFA 18 and Call of Duty

Selleo has been a great partner for us since day one. They provide a team of skilled and professional developers that are self going, engaged and well organised. We often recommend Selleo highly to other partners and associates.

Antony SastreCTO at Battleriff
Technology stack

React-based single page application

The back-end of the application was developed by our Ruby on Rails developers. We used ReactJS as a front-end library. This eSports service relays on the several integrations with games APIs.