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A solution designed for employees and agencies. It enables staffing activities that provide employers with a comprehensive database of qualified candidates and allows applicants to contact HR agencies.

**HR Recruitment Software**
-mockup-desktop**HR Recruitment Software**
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ABOUT THE PROJECTGeneral project overview

The Client contacted Selleo to augment their in-house Ember developers’ team and build HR-focused applications dedicated to posting jobs and finding new employees.

Our scope regarded creating two separate applications, each of them dedicated to a specific group of users. The team was responsible for integrating 3rd party HR services like Glassdoor or Linkedin into the apps and allowing displaying various statistics about the recruitment process and potential candidates.

The collaboration resulted in the creation of two recruiting solutions making staffing and hiring processes easier for both employees and employers or bigger agencies.


Developing recruitment software integrated with external job posting portals


The Selleo team was augmenting the client’s development team.


Two-week sprints with daily standups with the Client’s Product Owner.


Front-end development of the application with the main focus on developing features like a job position and preferred candidate profile pages.

business value

What our client got from the collaboration

The collaboration resulted in the development of two recruiting solutions allowing staffing and hiring processes.

The applications are integrated with a Danish recruitment agency as well as Glassdoor and Linkedin, which allows creating and posting job openings outside the app. Apart from that, users can view statistics, and preview the recruitment process, and potential candidates.

Some of the designs were not used by the client and the general outcome of the application may differ.

the team behindMeet the people behind the story
Combining coding talents with managerial experience, we build dev teams focused on quality and serene deployment.
TomaszClient and Team Lead
I collaborate directly with product owners and I am always in tune with end customers and business requirements. I have a deep understanding of the use of SQL databases in building highly-available enterprise applications. I know what it takes to not only get the job done but to get it done with excellence on both back-end and front-end. I am Ruby on Rails developer with skills in React.js and React Native, experienced in MySQL and Postgresql databases.
Katarzyna Legień
Tomasz Biłka
Tomasz Noworyta
Przemysław Pełszyński
Kajetan Boruta

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