HR software solutions designed for employers and recruitment agencies.


Create comprehensive, efficient and powerful recruitment applications serving all recruitment needs, providing vital statistics about candidates and the hiring process.


Employee-focused HR solutions designed to help you find the right candidate cost-effectively integrated with 3rd party services like Linkedin or Glassdoor.

Bagaar NV - screen

Recruitment software integrated with external job posting portals

Bagaar is a Danish software house helping their clients prepare for the future. They invent, design and develop smart digital products to help companies stay relevant in this digital age.

They contacted Selleo to augment their in-house Ember developer and build HR-focused applications both dedicated to posting jobs and finding new employees. One app was to be reserved for single employers and the other one for staffing firms. The solutions enable applicants to contact HR agencies and set specific parameters like position, age or experience. On the other hand, employment agencies can use this information to find the right candidates.

The project’s main scope was to:

  • create two separate applications, each of them dedicated to a specific group of users
  • integrate 3rd party HR services like Glassdoor or Linkedin
  • allow displaying various statistics about the recruitment process and potential candidates
Process and Project Scope

The Selleo team was augmenting the client’s development team. We had direct contact with the Product Owner from the client’s side, who was responsible for delegating and prioritizing tasks.

Business Value

An HR solution for staffing activities that provides employers with a comprehensive database of qualified candidates

The collaboration resulted in the creation of two recruiting solutions making staffing and hiring processes easy. The applications are integrated with a Danish recruitment agency as well as Glassdoor and Linkedin, which allows creating and posting job openings outside the app. Apart from that, users can display statistics and preview of the recruitment process as well as about potential candidates.

The solutions aid employers in:

  • creating and posting new job offerings
  • filtering candidates by age, experience etc
  • publishing offers on external services
  • viewing statistics about candidates and the recruitment process
Technology stack

A great mixture of Ember and GraphQL

The front-end was developed with Ember, but instead of Ember data, our developers decided to use GraphQL. This allowed them to create a powerful and intuitive staffing software that aids companies in the hiring processes, making it faster and helping to find the best-suited candidates.

On the other hand, the back-end was split into 5-10 microservices.