Dawid Pośliński

Dawid Pośliński


  • Team Leader of augmented team which develops SaaS platform used by industry-leading companies like Deloitte, Allianz or Barclays
  • Speaker and organizer of Poland's most active Ember.js Community with over 100 members
  • Open Source Contributor, Ember add-ons creator & maintainer (Ember pell / Ember introjs / Ember metrics)

I am an open-minded leader with client-oriented thinking.

As a CTO Dawid is responsible for investigating and assessing new and existing technologies along with processes to develop innovative offering concepts as well as the technology strategy and vision.

As a Senior Lead Developer he helps our clients maximize the value of their web presence by building accessible, high-performance web applications using the latest web standards. Being experienced in many programming languages/frameworks like EmberJS, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C or Java, Dawid creates innovative concepts and solutions that help our customers gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced, dynamic business environment.