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Synchronizing team leaders with team members

With a smart balance between open communication and strong permissions, Samewave drives information and control into the right people's hands and empowers them to use it.

Samewave is a business management software with intuitive design and powerful features to increase teams’ productivity and streamline communication across various groups of stakeholders. Based on the key concepts of behavioral psychology such as promise-based management and social discipline it helps to address the core causes of some challenges faced by teams and team leaders. Our team was responsible for developing a web-based application according to the highest standards and requirements of the clients.

The main aim of this business management software was to fit into users’ workflows regardless of their positions within their teams.

Samewave platform should answer the needs of:

  • team leaders managing multiple teams
  • team members struggling with communication between themselves and team leader
  • executive managers wanting to identify and track the key drivers business-wide
  • board members keeping track of the business interests' performance
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Service Process

With the need to grow users base and implement feedback from the current users, Samewave wanted to extend its existing mobile-based platform and develop the web version of its business management software. They looked for experienced software developers with solid industry knowledge. Choosing a solution development engagement model our team focused solely on redesigning and rewriting mobile functionality to the desktop users’ requirements.
The client decided to use a custom methodology based on scrum with weekly sprints. As business management software was tested on a daily basis we omitted daily standups while keeping the rest of scrum ceremonies. This approach ensured the flexibility and simplicity of the development phases while maintaining programmatic and centralized focus.

Our development team received detailed documentation of the current system as well as requirements for the required changes that needed to be introduced to the business management software. Taking into account new requirements Selleo was to design an improved desktop application. We then started to work on an updated design for the system that meets the current industry standards as well as accommodates for the new functionalities that we were to introduce. Some of the notable new features were to include:

  • Extended summary chart
  • Extended notifications with timezone functionality
  • Onboarding Wizard

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Matthew O’Neill
Matthew O’Neill
CEO & Co-Founder, Samewave UK

Selleo has proven to be one of the best outsource development partners we've ever used. They are reliable, communicative, always helpful, consistently deliver to a high standard and are an absolute pleasure to work with too.

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Cascading clarity and accountability

Samewave is a web-based business management softwarethat aims to boost the productivity of teams by capturing, discussing, measuring and reporting on teams’ goals. With its intuitive interface, team leaders and team members have real-time access to grouped, organized and constantly updated tasks. The application focuses on three core principles of team commitments: goals users need to track and measure, insights to make smarter decisions at the moment and teamwork. Samewave can help its users to manage tasks with ease whenever they need to run complex financial forecasts or measure monthly business KPIs.

Bringing significant value to both big and small organizations, this business management software enables users to:

  • hold their teams accountable
  • streamline their workflows and processes
  • report teams’ performance both to the team and the business
  • clearly track deliverables and key actions across many teams
  • effectively communicate and collaborate with multiple stakeholders
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