Quality Custom Suits

TailorArt is a quality custom clothing web platform which enables finding best bespoke tailors in a given location.

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Business Value

Find one-of-a-kind clothing near you

The platform is dedicated for those who want to always look perfect in a custom-made clothing and appreciate tailor work.

With a possibility to order a wedding suit, business suit or tuxedo, TailorArt provides services both for individual clients with the sense of style, strong personality and elegance and for businesses, organizations and clubs. The service is available in several cities in Germany and Switzerland e.g. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva or Zurich.

After selecting a proper tailor, users can choose all the necessary details of a suit, get expert advice and make an appointment to take measurements.

Technology stack

Custom clothing web platform

Selleo Ruby on Rails developers were responsible for service customization and developing several functionalities as e.g. custom galleries and application skins, virtual currency, review and ratings.