Customer Relationship Management

Lynkto is a SaaS platform consisting of a Ruby on Rails web CRM application and a native Android mobile application. This multi-sided platform provides organizations and their customers with an opportunity to engage in conversations conducted in a secure and easy-to-manage environment.

Lynkto - screen
Business Value

Communication and customer relationship made easy

The Lynkto cloud-based platform which combines the features of a communication platform with those of a customer relationship management system, consists of two main components.

Firstly, a web cloud-based application which is designed for business owners and is meant to simplify the marketing communications process; the app enables the organization to send new offers and marketing-related messages without the need to use expensive SMS based campaigns. Secondly, customers fitted up with the mobile app, are able to source service providers as well as keep in touch with the latter to stay updated on the status of their inquiries. Users can search the database of registered institutions to engage in conversations with selected vendors / service providers or they can just continue the conversations that are already in progress.

The solution is meant for organisations and institutions such as schools, hospitals or business entities and it supports the customer relationship management process as well as facilitates the organization’s message-based communications with the customers they serve.

Technology stack

B2C messenger and CRM app

The back-end of the web platform was developed in Ruby on Rails while the front-end was implemented with responsive design techniques PostgreSQL so that the system could be used not only on laptop and desktop computers but also on tablet devices. The quality of the native Android mobile application was validated by means of automated tests implemented with JUnit (unit tests) and Calabash (UI tests).