Building strengths-based workplaces that offer employees a way to show what they are capable of.


Implement new compelling features to a visualization tool to enhance employee engagement.


A robust software solution helping individuals deploy their skills to tackle challenges more effectively.

Muchskills - screen

Software for teams and organizations supporting continuous improvement, reflection and growth.

MuchSkills is a visualization data tool created by Up Strategy Lab that helps team members stay engaged and motivated while doing what they love to do. The solution serves as a team skill database and a personal strengths growth tracker for teams, including large organizations. MuchSkills gives the ability to define job focus, search for skills, choose core strengths, soft skills and software competence. Leaders can build new teams based on a given skillset, check member availability and bulk invite.

They reached out to Selleo in order to augment their development team and work both on the front-end and the back-end. Our dedicated team was responsible for implementing new features including:

  • additional skills sidebar with planning functionality
  • skill planning with a timeline for forecasting skill development throughout time
Process and Project Scope

After discussing the scope of the project with the client, we built a dedicated team of developers that supported the engineer from the client’s side. Our team established a strong connection and remained with the Product Owners while working on independently implementing new functionalities.

Business Value

A game-changing visualization tool that supports employees, teams and organizations in mapping and sharing their expertise.

MuchSkilld has a mission to guide workplaces towards strength-based environments with more engaged employees. They do that through a visualization tool that helps to reflect and map strengths, skills and expertise providing opportunities for continuous improvement and growth. Thanks to MuchSkills, individuals, teams and organizations can tell better stories about themselves while providing a clear picture of their job focus, soft skills and technical competencies.

This digital solution supports unlimited skill categories with bubble charts, allows grouping and sharing thanks to social media integrations including portals like LinkedIn or Instagram. Our collaboration resulted in additional features like a skill sidebar with planning capabilities and a timeline allowing forecasting skill development.

With MuchSkills users can:

  • define job focus, choose core strengths, skills and competencies
  • create teams and invite new users to get a detailed, interactive overview of the entire team in one place
  • create smaller projects by choosing necessary skills, ensuring resource availability and bulk invitations

MuchSkills combines a skill database with a strengths growth tracker that helps to prioritize more efficiently and in return establish improved processes to help employees do their best work.

Technology stack

A beautiful and unique software facilitating better team conversations developed with ExpressJS and NextJS

The main technologies used for implementation were ExpressJS on the back-end and NextJS on the front-end. The Selleo team used Heroku for deployments and GraphQL for data exchange. Gitlab acted as a code repository while tasks were tracked in Notion.