Game Genetics

Mobile And Online Game Distribution

GameGenetics GmbH a leading player in user acquisition for free mobile and online games, the software solution has been integrated with the client’s back-office and can be used by GameGenetics’ internal teams and their customers to manage and optimize games advertising campaigns.

Game Genetics - screen
Business Value

Effectively optimize your business

Game Genetics is a platform. created to optimize the processes of customer acquisition and successful sales.

This digital dashboard provides an overview of advertising data and performance parameters with features like report generation, charting and graphing as well as data collection and analysis.

The client teams can easily check relevant statistics to effectively optimize their business. The dashboard was integrated with an external service through an API to the Cassandra database.

Technology stack

B2B performance dashboard

The back-end of the application was developed in Ruby on Rails and AngularJS was used as a front-end library. We have also used Twitter Bootstrap, MySQL and HighCharts on the project. The application was developed by our Ruby on Rails Experts.