NGOs / Nonprofit Organizations / Third Sector

ViewWorld is a SaaS platform consisting of a web application combined with native Android and iOS mobile apps. It is meant for NGOs, associations, and businesses, and it fosters timely, effective and reliable collection and transfer of information from the field to the decision-makers in the organisations.

View World - screen
Business Value

Create custom forms about services offered

The ViewWorld platform consists of three main components: (1) the reporter mobile apps, (2) the web console, where data can be managed and (3) the API for data access. You can choose to check this site to get a general overview of the system. The data / information is collected and reported by means of smartphones and managed in the web console.

Functionally, the platform enables organisations/companies to create custom forms about places or things they want their officers to report on. The solution can be tailored to fit specific reporting formats; it is possible to build new forms and questionnaires depending on what is required by the client’s customers.

The field officers – equipped with mobile devices – can fill in the forms and create reports. They can submit the reports from mobile devices as well as from the web interface. The managers can review the reports submitted by field officers and accept or reject the reports. The main admin can manage organisation’s accounts, while organisation admins can manage their groups and users as well as build dynamic forms.

Technology stack

Mobile data collection and management for NGOs

The back-end of the application was developed in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL and we used Backbone.js and jQuery for the front-end. We have also developed the native Android app, while our iOS app is planned to be released soon.