Moving services

Movinga is a service created for people who want to move place without much hustle. This platform allows booking a moving service.

Movinga - screen
Business Value

Make your move a relaxing time

The platform was integrated with features like callendar, cart and secure online payments. It allows clients from Germany to book a moving crew to save time and energy.

The user enters the localization together with departure and arrival date while booking the service. Then the moving crew handles the packing, process of relocation of packages and unpacking of client’s belongings. Movinga participated in over 30 000 successful moves and thanks to this multi-sided platform the process of moving has never been easier.

The service also provides useful tips and checklists that people can make use of while preparing for the moving day.

Technology stack

Online booking platform

This platform was developed by our back-end Ruby on Rails expert team of developers.